Windows Wide Open…

Monday, July 11, 2016

Made it through my first night on.  It was a little stressful toward morning time trying to fill staffing needs for later in the day…with no luck.  I’ll be interested to see how it worked out.

I was hoping to sleep really well, but unfortunately, my mind would not agree.  I tossed and turned A LOT today.  Eventually I just got up. We did easy for dinner — ordering out pizza.

A small nap after dinner was nice.  And now I’m about to head upstairs and try to get ANOTHER nap before going in tonight.

Kimm got the lawn mowed today.  After all that rain, it needed it…it looks so good now!  And because the day was so nice, the windows are OPEN!!! Which is nice because with temps in the upper 90s scheduled for the next few days, it’s unlikely that will happen.  So we are enjoying it now!!


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