Big E Feet

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Ohhh…my feet are sore today…like I’ve been walking all day on them at the Big E.  It was another busy night at the hospital.  Of course I should have known…when I was rounding the bend leaving the house last night I saw a glimpse of the sky, with a huge FULL moon!

Lots of sick patients that is for sure.  High census.  Everybody is just beat, and morale is taking a toll.  It’s tough.  Hopefully everyone can hold out until September when the next batch of nurses/aides are trained and ready to go.

As for me, only TWO more nights of work before vacation 🙂

I’m happy about that!!!!

I slept a bit fitfully today.  In fact, I think I was sleep talking to Kimm at one point when she came into the bedroom to get dressed 🙂

It’s a bit warmer today, not as much of a breeze, but still nice enough to sit on the porch, which is what I am doing right now before heading to work…

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