Summer Vacation {Day 5}

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

We headed out for donuts today…Mrs. Murphy’s.  Again, I’m not sure WHAT is going on, but the donuts tasted just okay.  I think I may like the donuts from Donut Dip slightly better!  One of these days I’ll have to get some from each place on the same day to do a taste test 🙂  We also got iced coffees and that too was a little bit of a bust…we asked for them light and sweet but they were really light and not too sweet…we had to doctor them up a bit when we got home.

We finally had a slight break in the heat today.  When I went out to water the flowers after eating I didn’t feel as if I was going to melt so I decided to weed the flowers by the mailbox.  That task has been on my “to do” list for like FOREVER and I’m so glad that it is finally done.  Of course it took WAY longer than I thought it would (doesn’t everything??) but it looks loads better.  Somehow the weeds seem to thrive in all this heat and humidity.

After coming in I was sticky and sweaty so into the shower I went.

The remainder of the day was just plain ol’ fun.  We decided to watch a movie — Mona Lisa Smile (one of our favorites) while eating some appetizers (pizza bites, mozz sticks, mac and cheese bites).

During the evening we went on a ride through Connecticut.  It was beautiful.  There’s nothing like the wind through your hair, the sun fading to dusk, the radio turned high and feeling FREE as you drive with no particular destination.

A good day!


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