Summer Vacation {Day 6}

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

14 years.

That’s how long Kimm and I have been together!

As I stated on FB, it’s not always been easy (what relationship is?), but it HAS been completely worth it.

Here’s to MANY more…

As for “our” day…

We had a simple, but yummy breakfast (waffles!).

We relaxed a bit and then showered, then headed out for lunch to El Forestero (our favorite Mexican place…got our usual…guacamole, veggie quesadillas…plus I tried their Pina Colada and I have to say it was probably THE BEST one I’ve ever had!).

Home to rest our stuffed bellies…and we watched a movie (The Devil Wears Prada).

And then it was out for another drive (this time to the Florence area…we were gone for THREE hours!…it was nice to see something new…it was amazing how in the mountains the temp drops considerably…at one point it was almost 15 degrees cooler!)

When we got home, we made some popcorn and watched the LAST episode of Season Four of House of Cards…now we have another 7 months to wait until the next season!

It was a REALLY nice day 🙂


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