Good-bye August…

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

WOW, this month FLEW by…

Tomorrow is the start of September!!  Heading into fall!!

Work last night was not that bad…I was actually on with my co-supervisor whom I haven’t seen in about 2 months because of her schooling.  She is starting up again next week so who knows when I will see her again.  But it made for an easier night, sharing the duties.

Slept pretty good.

Homemade pizza for dinner…the best.

Kimm had a cleaning day.  Now I am about to clean the tub, do my arm exercises, and take a shower.

Then some popcorn and an episode of Criminal Minds before work.

Only two on, then three off for the holiday weekend!


Shopping day…

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

We headed up to the mall today after our walk, breakfast and showers.

We were on a mission…try out some other stores besides Target for clothes since we haven’t been having all that much luck there.

And I would say we were successful!  We shopped at Old Navy (a new fleece sweatshirt for each of us), Sears (1 pair of jeans each, two thermals for me, five for Kimm), Gap (1 new t-shirt each and a new winter jacket for Kimm!!).  We also stopped at A.C. Moore and Hallmark and happened to find some nice fall decorations.

And all of that took about four hours.  We then had to stop at the grocery store since we were grilling out and had no rolls.

Then it was homeward bound and grilling immediately since we were STARVED!

Hamburgers and fries…blueberries for dessert.

Now I’m going to try for a nap before work.

Harry Potter (second time)

Monday, August 29, 2016

I finished the last book of the Harry Potter series tonight (for the second time).  I’m so glad I re-read it because there was SO much that I had forgotten.  Now I’m going to need to watch the last movie and then start reading the new H.P. book (play format) — I can’t wait!

Today I felt accomplished, but also managed to be pretty darn lazy too!

First of all, I finally had a good weigh in — down 2 pounds from last week, down a pound total from my lowest weigh in this month 🙂  Hopefully I can keep the numbers going down, no matter how slowly.

Second, breakfast was SO good…toast with peanut butter and jelly and coffee.  Seriously I just love breakfast.

During the morning I went through all my winter clothes and choose out the 33 total clothing items I would be wearing for my Project 333 (Fall — September, October, November).  It always feels good to be a  bit more organized on that end.

Lunch was all veggies — a big salad, and carrots and hummus with a prune for dessert.

Then reading and knitting while soaking my feet in epsom salts for an hour.

Dinner was breakfast — French Toast!  So good.

Finally some time on the porch after dinner, finished book 7 of H.P. — and now we’re about to get into some comfy clothes and watch a couple more episodes of Criminal Minds with some popcorn…we LOVE that show.

Again, have I mentioned how much I love my days off?? 🙂


Sunday, August 28, 2016

Boy, I am one lazy girl tonight.

No walk, no yoga.  Just wanted to rest and do nothing.

Work was pretty good…a little excitement, one of the pregnant ladies from ICU gave birth at home (unexpectedly!) — both mama and baby are well 🙂

So happy to have tonight off.

We did quesadillas for dinner and they were so good.

Soon to watch a show and then bed!

Dark earlier…

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Busy night at work last night mostly because the census was high.  But made it through and was happy to hop into bed.

Dinner was super simple…leftover tacos!

Now, I’m looking out the window, I’m about to go for a walk and it is already almost dark…WAHHH!!  That is the ONE thing I dislike about fall!  I miss it being light out later!!

Only one more night on!

Back to work.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Back on for two nights.

But it was a good day…

…green smoothie for breakfast with reading


…FINALLY washing those sheets and dusting/sweeping the bedroom!!

…leftovers for lunch from El Forestero

…tacos for dinner

…cat naps

…popcorn with Criminal Minds before heading in

New color.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

A good day.

Up early for a walk…a nice breeze, but still a bit muggy. 1.5 miles.

Breakfast — toast with peanut butter and jelly, coffee.  With reading of Harry Potter.

I colored my hair — I think it is something with Violet.  Basically a dark color with plum highlights when it hits the light.  I had to cover the grays…they were driving me CRAZY.

Lunch — egg salad, salad with vegetables, blueberries — as healthy as you can get!

Knitting and reading and watching a Harry Potter movie during the afternoon.

Dinner was out — El Forestero — pina coloda, guacamole with chips, veggie quesadillas with rice and beans (and enough left over for lunch tomorrow!)

Now I’ve finished writing a letter of recommendation (this one just did not flow as EASILY as others have even though I think the nurse is great) and watched some more of the Harry Potter movie.

We’re about to have popcorn and watch some Criminal Minds.

First day off!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

YAY!!!  I’m off!!

My third day at work again was not too bad…I was lucky.

I stopped at the Donut Dip and got us a treat on the way home — sugared jelly-filled — they were good, but definitely not GREAT.  Hmmm…are my taste buds changing??

Bed was so nice.

Up at my normal time and met Kimm on the couch.  She had taken a rest day because she woke up with a sore back.  But that’s okay…she needs to rest too 🙂  And it gave her plenty of time to read a book she is very much into now…Me Before You (excellent if you have not read it).

Dinner was DELICIOUS…homemade pizza followed by a scoop of chocolate gelato (a new try and definitely a winner!)

We also started a new show today…Criminal Minds and we REALLY like it.  And that’s good because there are 12 seasons!!!!

So now we’ve both relaxed a bit and we’re going to make some popcorn and watch another episode before bed.

I LOVE days off 🙂

Just one more to go…

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Another pretty good night at the hospital. It was busy in the ED and IMC, but for me, nothing major! And now just one more to go before two off 🙂

I slept pretty good today, better than yesterday, which was nice.

Kimm mowed the lawn and it looks GREAT!!

Even though it was a little warmer than yesterday, it was still tons better than all that hot and humid weather we had been having so we decided to grill out.  Yumm.

This time I ate a little bit less so I would not be over full for our after dinner walk.  We ran into a few people to chat with so it was a little longer than our normal walk.

Now I’ve showered and we’re enjoying porch time again.

I’ve got to enjoy it while I can because the hot and humid weather is making an appearance again tomorrow.


Disappointing weigh-in

Monday, August 22, 2016

First night back at work was pretty good…I had a lot of energy (probably from not having coffee for the last three days and then having a cup when I got to work!) and the census was average and there were no major issues…SCORE!

I slept so-so, lots of tossing and turning.

My weigh-in this week was so disappointing.  I’ve done really good during the week (green smoothies every morning for breakfast, salads for lunch, fruit for dessert, yoga every day) and yet I gain about a pound.  I seriously wanted to throw that scale out the window.

I KNOW that my worth is not determined by my weight, BUT…I know I’d feel better and be healthier if I weighed less.  SIGH.

And it probably doesn’t help that I’m seeing this co-worker at work losing a lot of weight fast because she just had the gastric bypass surgery about three weeks ago.  I KNOW I would never want that…I love food and life too much, BUT it is hard to NOT compare myself.

After pouting for a bit, I just let it go.

And got right back to doing my best.

A healthy dinner — “chicken” sandwich with lettuce, corn (off the cob), cucumber/tomato salad, strawberries for dessert.

A walk with Izzy and Kimm after eating.

An ARMS strength work-out.

And then a shower to wash all those negative feelings away.

Now I’m going to read on the porch before my second day of work…only two left.