Vet appointment: CATS

Friday, August 12, 2016

Today the cats went for their annual vet appointment — 11 am.

They are doing pretty good.  Charlie lost a pound, and Madeline gained it for him!  Dr. G. said that he could stand to gain a little weight because his ribs are easily felt and he has lost some muscle mass.  I guess we will have to be a little more careful of watching that Madeline does not eat his food before he is done with it…he is not very good at letting her know that it is his.  He is SUCH a slow eater…we think it is a combination of him not liking his own food very much, and his teeth getting worse with age.  But, like I said, hopefully we can watch him a little bit more and make sure he is getting his full serving.  They both got their rabies vaccines…now they are on a three year rotation.

When we got home it started getting a little stormy.  Lots of rumbling all afternoon, with some scattered thunderstorms.  Izzy was in the basement in her safe spot pretty much all afternoon, and even now.  Poor thing.  She really does not like rain or thunder at all.

I got a couple of good naps in today.  That made me very happy as I am heading back to work tonight for three on. Crossing my fingers for three easy ones.


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