Sunday, August 14, 2016

I was in the middle of a summer thunderstorm last night driving to work.  It was crazy how the heat lightening lit up the entire sky.  It’s like pictures that you see in books.  It seems so unreal.  For a moment there was no rain at all, then it came down in sheets!  Thankfully by the time I got to work it had slowed to a sprinkle…

Last night at work was probably the busiest night I’ve had in a while.  It sure kept me going all the way til morning.  Bed felt very good.

The heat continues.  It’s unrelenting.  And we’re supposed to get more storms tonight.  So of course our dog is in the basement.  I can’t wait for fall weather when we’ll see her again 🙂

Dinner was simplicity at its best…veggie burgers, summer squash boiled with butter and salt, blueberries for dessert.

Now I’m heading up for some yoga and a shower before work…my third and last day!


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