Finally a night off…

Monday, August 15, 2016

Ahhh, the thought of not having to go in tonight is making me smile immensely 🙂

Last night was another busy one at work.  I was so glad to come home and go to bed.

We decided to make dinner super easy tonight…pizza out (it’s been about two weeks!)  It tasted SO good.  We enjoyed it while watching an episode of Chopped.  And I also loved that the clean up was so quick…four plates and a few utensils…done!

Now I’m about to have a very relaxing shower and then, who knows…I know it will be a relaxing evening though, not having to worry about getting ready for work in a couple of hours…


One thought on “Finally a night off…

  1. How sweet ’tis … smiling and enjoying the pleasures of a peaceful eve. Mom and Dad

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