Just one day.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I found out after dinner tonight that I would not have to work that 3p-11p shift on Friday!!!  One of the supervisors who picks up occasionally got back to me and told me that she was able to work it!  So now I’ll be able to take holiday time and have a three day weekend!!!  🙂

That REALLY made my night.

So now I only have to work just this ONE day and then THREE off!!

Today was actually nicer out, breezy and not as humid.  We headed out to Kohl’s and Target to do some returns in the morning.

Lunch was tomato sandwiches with tomatoes from the garden…super delicious.

Some relaxing in the afternoon…I started watching the 5th Harry Potter movie.

Dinner was our Wednesday tradition…homemade pizza…SO GOOD.

I did yoga twice today…my lower back was really sore so I was hoping it would help stretch it out…I think it did help some.  If it’s still sore tomorrow morning I’m going to take a muscle relaxer before bed.

I finished watching Harry Potter tonight and now it’s time to head into work.

My plan is to give blood tomorrow morning after work.  I’m crossing my fingers for an uneventful night.


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