Unexpected day off.

Friday, August 19, 2016

I had off today…and I was supposed to work!!!  I’m just so happy that one of the extra supervisors said she would work for me today.  An unexpected three day weekend is AWESOME!

We started out with a walk…Kimm has been wanting to get back to walking Izzy and early mornings are about the only time we can what with the heat.  It was still a bit warm, but not horrible.  We walked 1.5 miles.  I was happiest when we were done 🙂

Breakfast followed (green smoothie).  Then I did some yoga and showered.  By 10:45 am we were out the door and heading to BJ’s.

It was a somewhat frustrating trip.  Turns out they did not have the Kleenex that we buy (and therefore we missed out on two coupons) and they also did not have the Tylenol that we normally buy (instead they had this REALLY expensive Tylenol).  If it wasn’t for the cat litter being SUCH a good deal, we would probably avoid that store.

Home finally for some lunch.  I had a salad with broccoli and chickpeas and tomatoes, Kimm had scrambled eggs, an English muffin and a banana.  Then raspberries for dessert.

The afternoon was all about relaxing…I read, knit, and rested my eyes 🙂

Dinner was veggie burgers and fries…yumm.

Then I went out to trim and water the flowers.  Followed by cleaning the tub…ugh.

Now I’m reading a bit before watching a movie tonight with popcorn!


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