Disappointing weigh-in

Monday, August 22, 2016

First night back at work was pretty good…I had a lot of energy (probably from not having coffee for the last three days and then having a cup when I got to work!) and the census was average and there were no major issues…SCORE!

I slept so-so, lots of tossing and turning.

My weigh-in this week was so disappointing.  I’ve done really good during the week (green smoothies every morning for breakfast, salads for lunch, fruit for dessert, yoga every day) and yet I gain about a pound.  I seriously wanted to throw that scale out the window.

I KNOW that my worth is not determined by my weight, BUT…I know I’d feel better and be healthier if I weighed less.  SIGH.

And it probably doesn’t help that I’m seeing this co-worker at work losing a lot of weight fast because she just had the gastric bypass surgery about three weeks ago.  I KNOW I would never want that…I love food and life too much, BUT it is hard to NOT compare myself.

After pouting for a bit, I just let it go.

And got right back to doing my best.

A healthy dinner — “chicken” sandwich with lettuce, corn (off the cob), cucumber/tomato salad, strawberries for dessert.

A walk with Izzy and Kimm after eating.

An ARMS strength work-out.

And then a shower to wash all those negative feelings away.

Now I’m going to read on the porch before my second day of work…only two left.



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