First day off!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

YAY!!!  I’m off!!

My third day at work again was not too bad…I was lucky.

I stopped at the Donut Dip and got us a treat on the way home — sugared jelly-filled — they were good, but definitely not GREAT.  Hmmm…are my taste buds changing??

Bed was so nice.

Up at my normal time and met Kimm on the couch.  She had taken a rest day because she woke up with a sore back.  But that’s okay…she needs to rest too 🙂  And it gave her plenty of time to read a book she is very much into now…Me Before You (excellent if you have not read it).

Dinner was DELICIOUS…homemade pizza followed by a scoop of chocolate gelato (a new try and definitely a winner!)

We also started a new show today…Criminal Minds and we REALLY like it.  And that’s good because there are 12 seasons!!!!

So now we’ve both relaxed a bit and we’re going to make some popcorn and watch another episode before bed.

I LOVE days off 🙂


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