Shopping day…

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

We headed up to the mall today after our walk, breakfast and showers.

We were on a mission…try out some other stores besides Target for clothes since we haven’t been having all that much luck there.

And I would say we were successful!  We shopped at Old Navy (a new fleece sweatshirt for each of us), Sears (1 pair of jeans each, two thermals for me, five for Kimm), Gap (1 new t-shirt each and a new winter jacket for Kimm!!).  We also stopped at A.C. Moore and Hallmark and happened to find some nice fall decorations.

And all of that took about four hours.  We then had to stop at the grocery store since we were grilling out and had no rolls.

Then it was homeward bound and grilling immediately since we were STARVED!

Hamburgers and fries…blueberries for dessert.

Now I’m going to try for a nap before work.


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