Fall Vacation: Day 7

Friday, September 30, 2016

The week of vacation is winding down…

But it’s not over yet!

Today we had plans to go to a wine tasting but after sleeping in a bit and having a lazy morning, combined with the cold, dreary weather, we decided to skip it and save it for a warmer (or at least a sunnier) day!

Instead we headed over to our favorite Mexican restaurant and had a feast!  Guacamole and chips for an appetizer, veggie quesadillas with rice and beans for the main meal, strawberry coladas to drink and sopapillas (fried dough with chocolate drizzle and whipped cream) for dessert.  It was all SO GOOD.  We could have ate and ate and ate but we were good and saved half our meal for leftovers.

After the meal we headed to Stop and Shop to pick up bagels for breakfast the next morning and then swung by a new gym that we both wanted to check out (located a little bit closer, newer equipment, cheaper).  We both liked it so now we’ll have to see if we are locked in to our other gym or if we can cancel relatively easily.

Then we just headed home and just vegged out (we were too full to do anything else!)  I watched Survivor (really liking the season so far) and Kimm worked on her Christmas list and listened to music.

Dinner was super easy…heated up leftover pizza from the night before.  Just as yummy.

More relaxing after dinner (I did some knitting, catching up on reading and writing blogs) and then we ended the night with popcorn and Criminal Minds!


Fall Vacation: Day 6

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Another full day…

We actually slept in a little (around 8 am) because we went to bed so late after being at the outlets so late yesterday.

I went on a walk with Izzy by myself (Kimm’s knee still bothering her).  Then breakfast — same ol’ — English muffin with peanut butter and coffee on the side.  I started reading the Little House (Laura Ingalls — Little House on the Prairie) books again.  I just love reading about the settlers 🙂

We decided to head out to do a little more shopping today since I had not been able to find anything for the wedding we are going to on October 10.  Even though I had a back up outfit to wear, I REALLY wanted to get something new for two reasons — 1) the back up pants are a little big, and 2) I’ve been wearing the SAME dress-up outfit for a LONG time.  I was just SO HAPPY that Kimm was able to find something to wear at the outlets.  Huge sigh of relief…it is so hard to find things that you like!

So we headed out to Kohl’s first.  I did try on some pants there (male and female) but all of them were too big in the thigh/leg area.  I vetoed them all.  But Kohl’s was not a total bust as we did manage to purchase a few things — Kimm got some socks, I got some undies, and we got a blanket for Izzy for the couch!

I had noticed a Lane Bryant a few doors down from Kohl’s so we went there next.  And….SUCCESS!!  I was shocked.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a Lane Bryant store but it was set up really nicely.   It’s just really expensive.  But the slacks I found fit me PERFECT.  They have the clothes set up now to match body types which is really nice (I got the “Sophie” style — for women with larger waists/smaller hips and thighs).  The slacks were $70!!!!! (No sale…frown).  Then I happened to pass by some bras and tried them on too (after getting a free bra fitting …. turns out I was buying the right size…go me).  I did end up buying one bra — it was $42!!!!!!!  Yikes.  But supposedly it has wicking properties to pull sweat away from the body.  We shall see.

By the time I was done with that store it was getting pretty late (close to 5:30 pm).  So we just headed over to Sears and Target to do our returns.  We had to bypass shopping at Target which had originally been our plan.

We called for a pizza on the way home — Nicky’s (thick crust! — with mac and cheese bites on the side).  SO GOOD — enjoyed while watching Chopped!

The rest of the night was all for relaxing (which for me meant another shower — I was cold), and then some reading before we made some popcorn and watched a Criminal Minds.

Another successful day of vacation and I am SO glad that I found good pants for the wedding!!!!

Fall Vacation: Day 5

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

This was a LONG day…but it was a lot of fun!!

Today was the day we had decided to make a trip out to the Lee Premium Outlets.  It is about a 50 minute drive on the Pike, or about 1 hour 15 minutes on the back roads.  We DEFINITELY wanted to drive the back roads on the way there…nothing like a scenic view.

We left about 10:45 am (after getting up, walking Izzy, eating breakfast, doing the dishes, taking showers).  The drive was beautiful!

We arrived about noon.  And immediately started shopping 🙂

There were probably about 50 plus shops there.  We stopped in a lot of them!  Some of our favorites were…Reebok, Nike, Crocs, Gap, J. Crew, Eddie Bauer, Under Armour and Van Heusen.

We shopped and we shopped and we shopped!  In fact we were there for NINE hours!!!

We stopped about 2 pm to eat something.  Originally we tried this place called It’s a Wrap and got veggie wraps with chips/water on the side ($23!!!!).  However, we both really did not like our wraps (Kimm’s was tomato, mozzarella and basil, mine was lettuce, tomato, mozzarella, basil, roasted red peppers).  The taste was just ICK.  So after eating half we finally gave up and I headed over to Subway (something we KNOW) and I got us a foot long veggie grinder (with American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, red onions, pickles, salt and pepper, mayo on the side!) and two cookies to share (sugar and oatmeal raisin).  That made the rest of our meal much better!  We were fueled for more shopping.

We finally left about 8:45 pm!!!!  I can’t believe we were there for so long.

Since it was pitch dark when we left, we took the Pike home.  Took about 45 minutes.  We ordered pizza to pick up and we were home eating by 10 pm…late night!

We both did REALLY well with buying stuff.  I bought nine items — a new winter jacket (white, down filled — Eddie Bauer), a sweater (J. Crew), a cranberry sweatshirt (Eddie Bauer), navy sweats (Gap), 4 tees (2 Reebok, 1 Nike, 1 Aeropostle), and a pair of sneakers (Nike).  $250!!!!!  Kimm got a lot of really nice stuff too (although I can’t remember everything she bought) — she got a nice pair of black slacks for the wedding we are going to next week (J. Crew), a long sleeved blue button up for the wedding (Van Heusan — a store we ALMOST skipped over!!!), a green sweatshirt (Eddie Bauer), a zip up sweater (Van Heusan), a green plaid button up and sweatpant shorts (Aeropostle), a red zip up coat (Under Armour)…that’s all I can remember!!!

Anyways, we had a lot of fun and I can’t believe that our feet don’t hurt more than they do after being on them for all that time 🙂  We already discussed that we are definitely going to add this in to our yearly “things to do on our fall vacation” 🙂

Fall Vacation: Day 4

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

It was another busy, but fun day…

First of all…NO WALK (raining).  I think Izzy was sad!  So it was right to breakfast (which felt SO strange).  But I didn’t mind…ate, drank coffee and read (the norm).  Because of the extra time I cleaned out the fridge and washed the spring comforter!  Also did a little bit of knitting, did up the dishes and then took a shower.  By that time the weather had cleared up and we headed out the door.

And where did we go?

To get our pumpkins and mums!!!!

We headed up to Calabrese’s first — the mums were 4 for $20 or $5.25 each.  We got 10 — 8 for us and 2 for Kimm’s parents.  They were really beautiful — nice and full!  Tons of great colors — yellow, orange, cranberry, white, purple.  We also got 1 large pumpkin and some small pumpkins, along with some gourds.  And some decorations (two outside iron flower stakes and a wicked cute ceramic dog wrapped in tissue paper like a mummy!)

By that time the car was PRETTY full!

We headed over to Kimm’s parents and put the mums and pumpkins we got for them on their front porch.  It looked good!  We both commented on how we wished we could see their faces when they came home from Boston (they were there during the day for a doctor’s appointment for Phil regarding the heart transplant…which by the way, his doctor told him that most transplant survivors only last about 10 years max…it has been 17 years for Kimm’s father!!)

Then it was on to Cincatta’s.  We bought 15 more pumpkins there and some more small pumpkins and gourds.  What can I say…we love fall…we go a little crazy 🙂

I think total for everything was close to $200 between the two places.

Then it was time to head home and put it all outside in the proper places.  It took a little bit, but the end result was STUNNING (in my humble opinion!!)

I just LOVE fall.

The rest of the day — a late lunch (veg burger and fries), yoga because no walk, and THREE episodes of Criminal Minds with popcorn and ice cream.

A pretty good day I would say!

Fall Vacation: Day 3

Monday, September 26, 2016

It was a busy, but FUN day!

First up…as usual — walk and breakfast.  It was REALLY chilly (30s!).  I was happy to get inside and make my English muffin and drink my warm coffee (I think I warmed it up like four times during the meal!)

Then time for a shower because our goal was to be out the door by 10:30 am.  I think we did pretty good — we were in the car by 10:45 am.


Apple picking!!

We arrived around 11:15 am.  Two types of apples available for picking — McCowan and MacIntosh.  I was SO happy that the McCowan were available…they are my favorite!  The apples were a little smaller than normal because of the summer weather, but they tasted GREAT.

Even though it was a cooler day, we were in the sun and so we warmed up pretty well.  We got about 30 apples.  Now we’ll have to go to town eating them!  Total cost ~ $20.

On the drive home we stopped at a little fall-themed store.  They had tons of animals shaped with metal and these really nice flower planters made with wood in the shape of a tree house.  We were definitely thinking of getting one, but the $85 price tag scared us away.  Instead, we got two cute signs made of wood — one said “You & Me” and the other said “Come Sit on our Porch.”

By the time we got home we were hangry — lunch was leftovers from Olive Garden.

After lunch I took down all the spring/summer decorations and dusted (well needed). Then I lugged up all our fall decorations and we got to town putting them up.  Took about two hours, but it looked AWESOME when it was done.

By this time it was close to 5:30 pm, but instead of making dinner, we headed out to Barnes and Noble and had “dinner” there — Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Salted Toffee Caramel cookies…SOOOO GOOD.

We were home by about 9:30 pm — just enough time to make some popcorn and watch an episode of Criminal Minds (LOVE that show).


Fall Vacation: Day 2

Sunday, September 25, 2016

The first FULL day of vacation 🙂

It started out great — a walk (chilly) and then breakfast (egg bagel with cream cheese, coffee) while reading.  Seriously, I am easily pleased!

After breakfast, Kimm headed to the gym and I got busy with doing some stuff around the house. I changed up the sheets/bedspread (fall design) and dusted/swept the bedroom.  Then it was a quick shower and the sheets went in the wash.

After Kimm was all showered, we made some popcorn and sat down and watched a movie!  Me Before You (based on the book by Jojo Meyes).  I thought it was really good!

And then we got ready to head out to dinner.  We were meeting up with Kimm’s parents and brother at Olive Garden to celebrate their parents 45th wedding anniversary.

I think it would have been an excellent time, but unfortunately, when the waitress was delivering the drinks to our table, she spilled an entire soda all over Kimm.  Her right side of her shirt and jeans were soaked.  It was an accident, but still, that didn’t make it any easier for her to bear.  The bathrooms had no dryers so all we could do was just sop up the soda with napkins.  So needless to say, it was a WET and uncomfortable meal for her.  😦

The food was good — salad, breadsticks, Fettucinne Alfredo for me, Five Cheese Ziti for Kimm.  We took home a full lemon cake!

So after the meal we headed home so Kimm could change into dry clothes.  We also picked up Izzy and then headed over to her parent’s house.  We chatted while eating our cake (and I also knitted away since I’m ALMOST done with the baby blanket I’m working on…when I say almost I mean about 4 more hours!!).

We left about 9 pm because her parents had to get up early the next day to head into Boston.

We ended the night with the last episode of Season 3 for Criminal Minds.  It was a cliffhanger!!!!!

Fall Vacation: Day 1

Saturday, September 24, 2016

I made it!!!!!


A busy night so I was so happy to head home.  Not to mention there were so many temptations at work (sweets galore — cake, whoopie pies, muffins!! — but I stayed strong and ate my string cheese and almonds — need to save my calories for this week!)

Stopped at Stop and Shop on the way home to pick up a few essentials…then it was home to bed.

Kimm did laundry all day so her vacation started after that was done!

I was up at 4:30 and we immediately called for pizza…our normal first day tradition!

A little bit of traffic on the way home (Big E) but once we got home and started eating…all was forgotten.  The food was so good…enjoyed while watching a Chopped.

And now I’m all cozy on the couch with my blanket, watching last week’s DWTS (Week 1). Soon it will be time for Criminal Minds and some ice cream 🙂

LOVE vacation 🙂

Expensive Friday

Friday, September 23, 2016

Well, getting up was TOUGH this morning.

The Big E wore me out 🙂

But at least my feet and back were feeling a lot better this morning…much less sore.  And getting up and moving right away helped stretch and use all those muscles.

After the walk (chilly — 60s!), breakfast! Normal — English muffin with peanut butter, coffee…AND an apple cider donut from the fair (warmed up) — SO GOOD!

Starting from then, I really tried to up my water consumption to flush out all that salty, fried food I ate yesterday!

We had an appointment window set up for the plumber this morning for a couple of things.  One, our water heater started leaking water again and it’s not supposed to do that.  Two, we’ve been smelling a sewage smell in the downstairs for a while now when someone is taking a shower — Kimm had done some research and thought it might be a clogged stink pipe (which I found out is located on the roof!).  Three, we have a slow leak from our kitchen sink that is driving us CRAZY. And four, we wanted to know if we ever did get a new vanity for the downstairs bath if the pipe that is coming out of the wall could be moved at all.


So the appointment window was from 8a to 11a.  Of course they didn’t get here until almost 10:30 am which didn’t make Kimm too happy because she wanted to go to the gym this morning.

But here’s what happened.

1 — the T & P valve (temperature and pressure release valve) on the water heater had to be replaced.  It had only been three years but it was full of sediment which was making it not perform up to standard.  Supposedly, according to the plumber, you are supposed to drain that every year.  When he drained out the water, Kimm said it was black until it cleared up.  So to replace that — $229!

2 — nothing was done to check the stink pipes today.  I guess it costs $300 just for them to go up on the roof and take a look.  It could be that some of the acorns are getting in there and clogging it.  Or maybe a bird’s nest.  Or it could be nothing at all.  He said if we want to have it checked out and something is going on, then maybe we could put some sort of cover on the top to prevent it from happening again.  I’m sure we will have this done at some point.

3 — unable to fix the leaking faucet.  Turns out the faucet is pretty much a “throw away” faucet (used in flips) and parts will not be available.  So to stop the leak, we will have to replace the whole faucet.  Another expensive job — anywhere from $250 to $300.  So again, that will probably have to be done in the future.

4 — we did find out that the pipe in the downstairs bathroom could probably be moved slightly but will always need to stick out and go out into the wall.  I think if we can we will just look for something that will fit around what is already there verses trying to move it.  But who knows, we will deal with that when we get to it.

So that was that.  Kimm headed to the gym around 12:30 and I got in the shower (freezing!)  When she got back, she got in the shower and then we ate a late lunch/early dinner (veg burgers and fries).

A nap followed (glorious!)

Then we headed out to her parent’s house to drop off some cider donuts we picked up for them to have as a thank you for watching the animals for us during the Big E.  And we also gave them our penuche fudge that we had bought — it really just didn’t taste that good to me and for the calories, I wasn’t about to eat something that was just so-so.  We stayed there about an hour and a half visiting.

And now I’m just writing up my blogs, and finishing watching Survivor (1st episode of this season!!!!)

Only this one night on and then … VACATION 🙂

The Big E: 2016

Thursday, September 22, 2016

We went to the Big E again!!!!

And it was fun 🙂  Hot, but fun!

Yes, I think of everything, we will definitely re-think what day we go next year.  It will have to be less than 70 degrees and overcast would be best 🙂  I would say we were at the Big E less than 10 minutes and Kimm had sweat dripping down her head and her t-shirt under her back pack was wet.  I even got hot during the day so you know it had to be hot.  I think it got up into the mid 80s, with sun.

Now, on to the day.

Parking:  Easy-peasy.  We parked at Rocky’s.  $5.  And we got a gift certificate for 20% off our next shopping trip there (throughout the Big E).  Two minute walk to the fair grounds.

Eating:  Boy we did eat.  We didn’t like everything we had, but we did like a lot.  And of course there was so much that we would have liked, but finances, and stomach size prevented us from having more!  Our favorites — pizza, curly fries, deep fried cheese curds with marinara sauce, apple cider donuts (SOOOO GOOD), Ben and Jerry’s shakes (Kimm Half Baked, me Caramel Macchiato), mini donuts!!!   Would not get again — deep fried veggies (kind of soggy, large pieces so difficult to eat), deep fried pumpkin pie bites (chewy as all heck like they had been sitting for half an hour before they gave them to us), penuche fudge (fair flavor and consistency).  What we could have gotten if we were rich and not stuffed — mac and cheese, alfredo in a garlic bread bowl, ice cream cone, waffle covered with ice cream and apples, blueberry pie.  We drank nothing but water all day.  Had to keep hydrated.  It was WARM.

Activities:  All the state buildings.  We got Izzy her new collar for next year and the cats some new catnip toys — in the New Hampshire building I believe.  Wine tasting (pretty short line this time which was nice — some of the tastings were fast and you didn’t get much — but we did love this apple wine that you could drink warm — very tasty so we bought two bottles!).  Saw the animals — baby goats, baby pigs, the Clydesdales — even got to see them coming in from the parade and the hands helping take off all their equipment and wipe it down — so interesting.  Part of a horse show — female riders directing their horses — some of the horses didn’t want to do what they were supposed to!  The craft commons — got a cute snowman to add to our Christmas decorations.  A few of the buildings that sell this and that — we got new ice scrapers (supposedly they work like a charm… we shall see!).

We were there from 10:45 am until 8:30 pm.  It was a long day.  Kimm’s phone said she walked 9 miles, mine said 4 miles.  So either way, we were somewhere between that!

We were both glad to get home and just SIT.

But like I said, we did have a good time.  I think we would like to go next year again, but definitely on a cooler day!!

The pre-vacation.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My three days on are done.  And since I only have to work Friday before the TRUE start of my vacation, I’m calling tonight the start of my PRE-vacation!

I was on with my co-supervisor last night and it was busy again, but not too, too crazy.  Just enough to keep us going.  I was happy to get home.

I must have been really tired because I slept right past turning my alarm off!  Up by about 5:10 pm.

Dinner was our Wednesday regular — homemade pizza.  SO GOOD.

Now I’ve just been mindlessly looking through FB to relax and I’m about to do some yoga, take a shower and then watch a Criminal Minds with popcorn.

Tomorrow — BIG E!!!!