Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Feeling a bit frustrated today, mostly from a situation that happened at work yesterday.  It turns out that my overnight co-worker is taking a vacation in October (I knew she was planning on taking one, just not exactly when) and my other co-workers who work the 3p-11p shift told me about it last night as they were leaving.  I looked at our written schedule and see that the vacation is the third week in October, that my 3p-11p supervisor co-workers have rearranged my schedule for the week so they can help pick up some of the extra 11p shifts, leaving me to work the weekend day of Saturday.  OF WHICH I ALREADY HAD PLANS (well, maybe plans for Sat evening, but definite plans for Sun noon — Drag Brunch).

SOOO….I was irritated and frustrated by a couple things.  One, why didn’t my overnight c0-worker let me know SOONER when she was taking her vacation?  Or WHAT week the vacation was going to be?  She had texted me earlier this month asking when my planned vacations were (so as not to take the same week I’m assuming) but then she never got back to me about when she was planning her vacation.  I thought that she had mentioned the first week in October initially.  And then I was irritated that my other co-workers just assumed that I would work the weekend day…I ALWAYS work the weekend day when covering vacations. But for once I DID have plans.

I texted one of the supervisors that fills in sometimes, but she can’t do that day.  And I know there is no one else who will.  So now I’ve decided to just work that day.  But I did text my co-supervisor and let her know that in the future we really need to let each other know about vacations sooner than a month in advance.


I was so angry all last night about this at work.  I just kept thinking about it over and over at work and so I was in QUITE the mood.  I think it may have come out with some of my co-workers.  The people that I usually can tolerate pretty okay even though they are annoying, really just put me over the edge.  It probably didn’t help that it was super busy for me (no break until about 7 am — which meant I was STARVING).

Thankfully I came home, vented more about it to Kimm (who by the way was not happy at all with what had happened, as you can imagine!), and then headed to bed.


Fell asleep pretty much immediately and woke up feeling still a little annoyed but better than this morning.

It is a gorgeous night.  Light breeze, night sounds…LOVE.

I’m about to head up for some yoga (hopefully that will put me in a better mood), and then my nice, hot shower.

Done with Season Two of Criminal Minds (that season finale was great — watched during dinner).

Only TWO more on!


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