Kimm’s first day of C25K

Monday, September 19, 2016

Whew…last night was a tough one at work.  Lots of needy and time-consuming patients on Med/Surg, IVs to start, helping with re-positioning.  All in all, a busy night.  I was glad to book it out of there.

I slept just okay.  Lots of tossing and turning after 1:30 pm.

Kimm went to the gym today.  Yay for her!!  It’s been a while for both of us.  So she did her standard arm workout, but then she also started (unknown to me!) Day 1 of Couch to 5K!!  We had watched that movie From Fat to Finish Line on Saturday and she was very inspired by all these normal people who had lost weight and turned to running.  Kimm had told me a while back that she never thought she would be able to run again because of her knees giving her so much trouble but she said she did great for Day 1!  It was a five min warm up of walking, then alternating with 1 min of running, then 1 and 1/2 min of walking, repeat 8 times, with a 5 min cool down.  She said she felt AWESOME when she was done…like on a runner’s high 🙂

I am SO PROUD of her for pushing outside her comfort zone and trying something new.  Love those endorphins.

Now this is making ME motivated to start that program again.  It would be SO COOL if we both ran our first 5K together.


Dinner was excellent — “chicken” parm with spaghetti and peas, Caramel Apple gelato for dessert.

We went for a 2 mile walk after dinner.  It was humid, but the temp was not bad.  40 minutes.  GO US.

Now showered and ready to watch a Criminal Minds.

Only two more nights on!

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