Better night.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Boy, it’s hard to believe that we are 2/3 done with this month.  Crazy how time flies.  And I have vacation in a few days and after that we will be in October.  Again, CRAZY.

Last night at work was definitely better than the night before.  Still busy.  Census almost 100 so every unit was busy, but no admissions since we didn’t have the staff to support it.  So at least everyone just dealt with what they had.

After work was our annual work “picnic.”  It was held inside this year because no room outside due to the new ER construction.  I feel like they really went downhill with the food they were offering. They had the standard meats but then only corn on the cob and pasta salad for sides.  Watermelon and brownies and cookies.  I took home a plate for Kimm (I can’t eat that kind of food right after work!) and she ate it for lunch.  Then we had the desserts for dinner.

They also gave away free long sleeved t-shirts with the HMC logo.  I grabbed an XL and was pleased to see that it fit perfectly when I got home.  I kind of had to guess because I couldn’t tell how it would fit at work.  I thought it might be too small.

I slept better today.  But still tired, as usual.

But only one night left before two off.  Supposedly I am on with my co-supervisor tonight.

Now time for yoga, shower and Criminal Minds.


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