The Big E: 2016

Thursday, September 22, 2016

We went to the Big E again!!!!

And it was fun 🙂  Hot, but fun!

Yes, I think of everything, we will definitely re-think what day we go next year.  It will have to be less than 70 degrees and overcast would be best 🙂  I would say we were at the Big E less than 10 minutes and Kimm had sweat dripping down her head and her t-shirt under her back pack was wet.  I even got hot during the day so you know it had to be hot.  I think it got up into the mid 80s, with sun.

Now, on to the day.

Parking:  Easy-peasy.  We parked at Rocky’s.  $5.  And we got a gift certificate for 20% off our next shopping trip there (throughout the Big E).  Two minute walk to the fair grounds.

Eating:  Boy we did eat.  We didn’t like everything we had, but we did like a lot.  And of course there was so much that we would have liked, but finances, and stomach size prevented us from having more!  Our favorites — pizza, curly fries, deep fried cheese curds with marinara sauce, apple cider donuts (SOOOO GOOD), Ben and Jerry’s shakes (Kimm Half Baked, me Caramel Macchiato), mini donuts!!!   Would not get again — deep fried veggies (kind of soggy, large pieces so difficult to eat), deep fried pumpkin pie bites (chewy as all heck like they had been sitting for half an hour before they gave them to us), penuche fudge (fair flavor and consistency).  What we could have gotten if we were rich and not stuffed — mac and cheese, alfredo in a garlic bread bowl, ice cream cone, waffle covered with ice cream and apples, blueberry pie.  We drank nothing but water all day.  Had to keep hydrated.  It was WARM.

Activities:  All the state buildings.  We got Izzy her new collar for next year and the cats some new catnip toys — in the New Hampshire building I believe.  Wine tasting (pretty short line this time which was nice — some of the tastings were fast and you didn’t get much — but we did love this apple wine that you could drink warm — very tasty so we bought two bottles!).  Saw the animals — baby goats, baby pigs, the Clydesdales — even got to see them coming in from the parade and the hands helping take off all their equipment and wipe it down — so interesting.  Part of a horse show — female riders directing their horses — some of the horses didn’t want to do what they were supposed to!  The craft commons — got a cute snowman to add to our Christmas decorations.  A few of the buildings that sell this and that — we got new ice scrapers (supposedly they work like a charm… we shall see!).

We were there from 10:45 am until 8:30 pm.  It was a long day.  Kimm’s phone said she walked 9 miles, mine said 4 miles.  So either way, we were somewhere between that!

We were both glad to get home and just SIT.

But like I said, we did have a good time.  I think we would like to go next year again, but definitely on a cooler day!!

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