Expensive Friday

Friday, September 23, 2016

Well, getting up was TOUGH this morning.

The Big E wore me out 🙂

But at least my feet and back were feeling a lot better this morning…much less sore.  And getting up and moving right away helped stretch and use all those muscles.

After the walk (chilly — 60s!), breakfast! Normal — English muffin with peanut butter, coffee…AND an apple cider donut from the fair (warmed up) — SO GOOD!

Starting from then, I really tried to up my water consumption to flush out all that salty, fried food I ate yesterday!

We had an appointment window set up for the plumber this morning for a couple of things.  One, our water heater started leaking water again and it’s not supposed to do that.  Two, we’ve been smelling a sewage smell in the downstairs for a while now when someone is taking a shower — Kimm had done some research and thought it might be a clogged stink pipe (which I found out is located on the roof!).  Three, we have a slow leak from our kitchen sink that is driving us CRAZY. And four, we wanted to know if we ever did get a new vanity for the downstairs bath if the pipe that is coming out of the wall could be moved at all.


So the appointment window was from 8a to 11a.  Of course they didn’t get here until almost 10:30 am which didn’t make Kimm too happy because she wanted to go to the gym this morning.

But here’s what happened.

1 — the T & P valve (temperature and pressure release valve) on the water heater had to be replaced.  It had only been three years but it was full of sediment which was making it not perform up to standard.  Supposedly, according to the plumber, you are supposed to drain that every year.  When he drained out the water, Kimm said it was black until it cleared up.  So to replace that — $229!

2 — nothing was done to check the stink pipes today.  I guess it costs $300 just for them to go up on the roof and take a look.  It could be that some of the acorns are getting in there and clogging it.  Or maybe a bird’s nest.  Or it could be nothing at all.  He said if we want to have it checked out and something is going on, then maybe we could put some sort of cover on the top to prevent it from happening again.  I’m sure we will have this done at some point.

3 — unable to fix the leaking faucet.  Turns out the faucet is pretty much a “throw away” faucet (used in flips) and parts will not be available.  So to stop the leak, we will have to replace the whole faucet.  Another expensive job — anywhere from $250 to $300.  So again, that will probably have to be done in the future.

4 — we did find out that the pipe in the downstairs bathroom could probably be moved slightly but will always need to stick out and go out into the wall.  I think if we can we will just look for something that will fit around what is already there verses trying to move it.  But who knows, we will deal with that when we get to it.

So that was that.  Kimm headed to the gym around 12:30 and I got in the shower (freezing!)  When she got back, she got in the shower and then we ate a late lunch/early dinner (veg burgers and fries).

A nap followed (glorious!)

Then we headed out to her parent’s house to drop off some cider donuts we picked up for them to have as a thank you for watching the animals for us during the Big E.  And we also gave them our penuche fudge that we had bought — it really just didn’t taste that good to me and for the calories, I wasn’t about to eat something that was just so-so.  We stayed there about an hour and a half visiting.

And now I’m just writing up my blogs, and finishing watching Survivor (1st episode of this season!!!!)

Only this one night on and then … VACATION 🙂


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