Fall Vacation: Day 4

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

It was another busy, but fun day…

First of all…NO WALK (raining).  I think Izzy was sad!  So it was right to breakfast (which felt SO strange).  But I didn’t mind…ate, drank coffee and read (the norm).  Because of the extra time I cleaned out the fridge and washed the spring comforter!  Also did a little bit of knitting, did up the dishes and then took a shower.  By that time the weather had cleared up and we headed out the door.

And where did we go?

To get our pumpkins and mums!!!!

We headed up to Calabrese’s first — the mums were 4 for $20 or $5.25 each.  We got 10 — 8 for us and 2 for Kimm’s parents.  They were really beautiful — nice and full!  Tons of great colors — yellow, orange, cranberry, white, purple.  We also got 1 large pumpkin and some small pumpkins, along with some gourds.  And some decorations (two outside iron flower stakes and a wicked cute ceramic dog wrapped in tissue paper like a mummy!)

By that time the car was PRETTY full!

We headed over to Kimm’s parents and put the mums and pumpkins we got for them on their front porch.  It looked good!  We both commented on how we wished we could see their faces when they came home from Boston (they were there during the day for a doctor’s appointment for Phil regarding the heart transplant…which by the way, his doctor told him that most transplant survivors only last about 10 years max…it has been 17 years for Kimm’s father!!)

Then it was on to Cincatta’s.  We bought 15 more pumpkins there and some more small pumpkins and gourds.  What can I say…we love fall…we go a little crazy 🙂

I think total for everything was close to $200 between the two places.

Then it was time to head home and put it all outside in the proper places.  It took a little bit, but the end result was STUNNING (in my humble opinion!!)

I just LOVE fall.

The rest of the day — a late lunch (veg burger and fries), yoga because no walk, and THREE episodes of Criminal Minds with popcorn and ice cream.

A pretty good day I would say!


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