Fall Vacation: Day 6

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Another full day…

We actually slept in a little (around 8 am) because we went to bed so late after being at the outlets so late yesterday.

I went on a walk with Izzy by myself (Kimm’s knee still bothering her).  Then breakfast — same ol’ — English muffin with peanut butter and coffee on the side.  I started reading the Little House (Laura Ingalls — Little House on the Prairie) books again.  I just love reading about the settlers 🙂

We decided to head out to do a little more shopping today since I had not been able to find anything for the wedding we are going to on October 10.  Even though I had a back up outfit to wear, I REALLY wanted to get something new for two reasons — 1) the back up pants are a little big, and 2) I’ve been wearing the SAME dress-up outfit for a LONG time.  I was just SO HAPPY that Kimm was able to find something to wear at the outlets.  Huge sigh of relief…it is so hard to find things that you like!

So we headed out to Kohl’s first.  I did try on some pants there (male and female) but all of them were too big in the thigh/leg area.  I vetoed them all.  But Kohl’s was not a total bust as we did manage to purchase a few things — Kimm got some socks, I got some undies, and we got a blanket for Izzy for the couch!

I had noticed a Lane Bryant a few doors down from Kohl’s so we went there next.  And….SUCCESS!!  I was shocked.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a Lane Bryant store but it was set up really nicely.   It’s just really expensive.  But the slacks I found fit me PERFECT.  They have the clothes set up now to match body types which is really nice (I got the “Sophie” style — for women with larger waists/smaller hips and thighs).  The slacks were $70!!!!! (No sale…frown).  Then I happened to pass by some bras and tried them on too (after getting a free bra fitting …. turns out I was buying the right size…go me).  I did end up buying one bra — it was $42!!!!!!!  Yikes.  But supposedly it has wicking properties to pull sweat away from the body.  We shall see.

By the time I was done with that store it was getting pretty late (close to 5:30 pm).  So we just headed over to Sears and Target to do our returns.  We had to bypass shopping at Target which had originally been our plan.

We called for a pizza on the way home — Nicky’s (thick crust! — with mac and cheese bites on the side).  SO GOOD — enjoyed while watching Chopped!

The rest of the night was all for relaxing (which for me meant another shower — I was cold), and then some reading before we made some popcorn and watched a Criminal Minds.

Another successful day of vacation and I am SO glad that I found good pants for the wedding!!!!


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