Fall Vacation: Day 7

Friday, September 30, 2016

The week of vacation is winding down…

But it’s not over yet!

Today we had plans to go to a wine tasting but after sleeping in a bit and having a lazy morning, combined with the cold, dreary weather, we decided to skip it and save it for a warmer (or at least a sunnier) day!

Instead we headed over to our favorite Mexican restaurant and had a feast!  Guacamole and chips for an appetizer, veggie quesadillas with rice and beans for the main meal, strawberry coladas to drink and sopapillas (fried dough with chocolate drizzle and whipped cream) for dessert.  It was all SO GOOD.  We could have ate and ate and ate but we were good and saved half our meal for leftovers.

After the meal we headed to Stop and Shop to pick up bagels for breakfast the next morning and then swung by a new gym that we both wanted to check out (located a little bit closer, newer equipment, cheaper).  We both liked it so now we’ll have to see if we are locked in to our other gym or if we can cancel relatively easily.

Then we just headed home and just vegged out (we were too full to do anything else!)  I watched Survivor (really liking the season so far) and Kimm worked on her Christmas list and listened to music.

Dinner was super easy…heated up leftover pizza from the night before.  Just as yummy.

More relaxing after dinner (I did some knitting, catching up on reading and writing blogs) and then we ended the night with popcorn and Criminal Minds!


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