Halloween 2016

Monday, October 31, 2016

Oh, to be a kid again!  Walking around in your costume, collecting candy and then feeling like you hit the sugar jackpot!

As an adult, I’m spending this Halloween at work!  I’m sure there will be candy in every department.  It will be a tough night of exercising my willpower 🙂

The last day of October…CRAZY.  Tomorrow will be November, which will also fly by, then December and then the new year!!!

I actually slept good today for once.  All the way to my alarm. I could have done with another few hours, but it just felt good to sleep.  And no hip pain when I woke up.  So that was encouraging.  I’m doing another rest day (no yoga).  We’ll see how the walk with Kimm goes on my day off.  I really hope this is better.

Simple, but tasty dinner…French Toast.  And hardly any dishes!

Soon I’m about to head out the door…hoping for a good night at work.


A few more long days.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

I cannot believe that October is almost over!

I woke up today with my hip still sore…so I decided to take a rest day from walking and sit on the couch with the heating pad instead.  I REALLY hope it helps.

It’s been a lazy day.  Kind of dark and dreary outside and it just finished raining.

Tonight starts my three night stretch, the first two which will be 8p-8a.  It will be nice in the paycheck but I’m not really looking forward to going in so early.  It will make for a long shift.

Tonight we’re going outside of the norm and having homemade pizza (on a night that is not Wednesday!)  Just thought it would be a quick, easy meal for tonight.

I’m really hoping that work is pretty easy.

Halloween Party

Saturday, October 29, 2016

LOVE full days off 🙂

Up for a walk, but I didn’t feel so great afterwards.  My right hip was killing me…SO sore with movement, especially going up the steps.  SIGH.

Breakfast, yummy as usual.

Then I had a pretty relaxing day…watched Survivor from last week, worked a bit on my Christmas list and read.

I was able to enjoy a phone conversation with Mom and Dad in the afternoon.

And then it was time to make and eat dinner and get ready to go to our neighbor’s Halloween Party.

I have to say, I was REALLY nervous about going.  I HATE going places where you won’t really know anyone!  But I’m so glad we stepped outside of our comfort zone.  We actually had a pretty good time.

First of all, our costumes ROCKED!  We went as Doctor and Patient — I was the doctor — with scrubs, bootie covers for my feet, hat for my head, surgical mask, stethoscope, sterile gloves! — Kimm was the patient — with a Johnny, IV, Band-aids and gauze, patient name band and a “high fall risk” band!

In fact, we won for best couple costume!!!!  (our prize was lemon infused vodka, home-made by one of the co-hosts).

The food was good too — there was a food truck that served fried mac and cheese bites (SO GOOD), loaded tator tots (with cheese and sour cream) (SO GOOD) — there was also wings and a turkey reuben sandwich, but we didn’t have those.  Also several crock pots filled with delicious things (all had meat so we didn’t eat that), and then cupcakes and sweets.  Add to the mix beer and wine and it was a pretty good time all around.

And it turned out that we were NOT the only neighbors there…we met a few people that we knew and some we didn’t know.

The only negative to the whole evening…I got too close to the fire pit and an ember got on my foot and burned a hole through my shoe!

Other than that, it was fun.  Now we’re just going to have to think ahead for costumes for next year — can’t repeat!

Trying to avoid being sick!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Last night at work flew by.  I did a lot of weigh-ins for the hospital’s Maintain Campaign — an incentive program for employees to maintain their weight over the holidays.  If you maintain your weight (+/- 4 pounds) then you get a gift and get your name entered in for a raffle prize.  Also a prize for the employee who loses the most weight.  I thought it was a pretty good incentive program.  I was pleasantly surprised by my weigh-in.  My goal is to hopefully lose 10 pounds by the last weigh-in (Jan 10th) — at the VERY minimum 5 pounds!!!!

The snow is pretty much all gone with all the rain we got last night.  And the few flowers that were hanging on are now pretty much dead — but it was a good run!

I’m feeling a little run down and on the edge of getting sick.  Lots of people sick at work (mostly head colds).  Getting sick is THE WORST — especially head colds.  I can’t stand them.  So I’m going to have to stay well rested and take my Vit C.  I did get my flu vaccine this morning.  Hurt a little getting the injection and my arm is a little sore, but not as sore as it usually is.

Now I’m about to do a restorative yoga practice, then a nice hot shower.

Popcorn tonight!!!

1st Snow of the Season…

Thursday, October 27, 2016

It SNOWED today!!  Yep, when I got up from sleeping and peeked out the window, the world was blanketed under white.  It looked beautiful 🙂

I know it won’t last and that’s fine.  We still have leaves to pick up, darn it!!

But there is always something beautiful about the first snow of the season.

Work last night was not too bad.  Even though I did get awful tired, I made it through.  Stopped at Stop and Shop on the way home for some essentials.  And then fell into bed…literally!

I slept SO GOOD too.  I don’t think I budged.  And I woke up with a wicked sore hip…which has never happened before.  Just love those NEW pains…ha ha.  Thankfully with a little movement it has felt better.  And on the sore feet news, I wore my shoe inserts that I had gotten from the podiatrist when I had plantar fasciitis and whoa, my feet felt a lot better this morning.  Good thing I remembered about them (they were in a different pair of shoes).

Dinner was fantastic…homemade pizza.  Homemade apple crisp for dessert!

Dinner out LAST night with our friends was really nice.  Went to Chili’s which I don’t think we’ve ever been to together since we’ve been together…so that’s like 15 years!  It was nice — good atmosphere and good food.  I had a margarita…yummy.  And those limitless salsa and chips…SO GOOD.  My fingers could not stop!!  Veggie burger and fries for the meal…good portion sizes, I couldn’t eat all mine.  And the prices were not bad either.  We’ll definitely go back there, especially to try some of the desserts…they looked delicious.

Now I’m about to yoga it up to get my stretch on and then take a hot shower…best part of the day.  And then only one more night on!

Sunny but cold.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fall is in full force.  Sunny but cold!

Slept in a bit, but slept so-so overnight.  I wish I could just get a couple nights of really good sleep.

A walk and breakfast, as usual.

Didn’t do much this morning except read and then we had lunch (leftovers from last night when we went out with friends).

Then dishes to be done, showered and dressed.  We are meeting people out for dinner tonight.  That will pretty much take up the rest of the day as I’m back to work tonight.

On for two, then off for two!

The Relaxing Day…

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Well, today was the relaxing day…the day I took as a holiday day after my co-supervisor’s vacation.  It was pretty good…

Able to sleep in a little and then the morning walk.  Followed by breakfast and reading 🙂

I threw the sheets in the wash to get done and then made an apple crisp with some apples that weren’t that great to eat anymore.  The house smelled amazing!

I watched DWTS (Latin night!).  Almost all caught up with that now.

And then lunch was appetizers while watching a movie — The Shawshank Redemption — love that movie…turns out it had been FOUR years since we watched that!

And then dishes and taking a shower so that we could meet up for dinner with some friends from work.  We did Mexican (El Forestero) and then back to the house for drinks.

They had to leave kind of early, which left time for us to watch a show before bed!

A big shout out to my parents…HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Cleaning Day.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Well, today went by fast.  But slow at times too because…it was cleaning day (and I don’t think ANYONE gets too excited about that…except maybe how everything looks afterward!)

I was able to sleep in (thank you Kimm!).  But I still felt tired ALL DAY LONG.  HATE that.

After the walk and breakfast and watching Survivor I started cleaning (which meant starting with putting STUFF away…all that stuff that has accumulated over the past month or so).

A quick lunch and then back to it.

Kimm did the vacuuming, the sweeping, the toilets.

I did the kitchen (dishes, appliances, stove grates), tub, changed bed sheets, dusted and swept bedroom.

After about three hours…we were done.  Thank goodness.

Reward — pizza out and Chopped!

And then a nice nap on the couch!

Now we’re about to make some popcorn and watch Criminal Minds and head back to bed…I won’t mind a bit!

Made it!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

I made it through all my days on!!!!   And now…THREE days off 🙂

Of course right now all I want to do is nap 🙂

Okay, so backing up…the Drag Show last night was SO GOOD.  I felt bad for the performers because the crowd was so small.  But really, one of the better shows I’ve been to.

Kimm dropped me off at work at 11p and somehow I made it through the night.  Just took some coffee and two No Dozes!

And then Kimm was there to pick me up in the morning at 8:30 am.  I was so glad to get home and crawl into bed.  I MUST have been really tired because I slept all the way through, pretty good.

Dinner was super simple — French Toast.

And now I think I may close my eyes again!

Almost there!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Tonight will be my last night on, the 4th of 4!  I can’t wait until I crawl into bed tomorrow morning.  But I have a lot to do before then.

Starting with…

Maim that Tune Drag Show!!  Yep, heading out in a little bit for the show.  It’s been a while since there was one and we both wanted to go.  It is unfortunate that it falls on a night that I have to work, but at least it’s before my last night on.  So even though I’ll probably be exhausted at work, it’s just one day to get through!

So far the timing has been pretty good.  I got up at 4 pm, showered, we ate by 5 pm, dishes are done, and now I’m about to brush my teeth, get my work clothes together and get dressed.

Goal — out of the door by 6:45pm!

CROSSING fingers that work is good!!