Fall Vacation: Day 8

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hello October!!!

I CAN’T believe that it is already October!!!  Where has this year gone???

Woke up to a dark, dreary, wet day.  It had pretty much rained all night so everything was still full of puddles.  No walk 😦

Instead it was right to breakfast and reading (bagels/coffee and Farmer’s Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder).

Dishes after that.

Morning workout — yoga!  (day 26 of Yoga with Adrienne — love her!)

Then a quick shower because we were off to the movies.  We went to see Snowden.  Since we went to the early matinee it was only $5.75 per ticket.  It cost more to buy the popcorn and soda!!  There were only about 10 people in our theater.  The movie was great, in my opinion.  It was the story of Ed Snowden, a former CIA agent, who risked his life to reveal to the press (and therefore the world) the fact that the U.S. government was monitoring everyday citizens (via email, text, computer sites).  I found it to be very informative and interesting (especially since I had never really followed that whole story).  The popcorn was excellent (some of the best movie theater popcorn we’ve had).

Back at home we relaxed a bit.  Another cold day.  Inside the house was about 67 degrees.  Still no heat on in the house.  This is always the tough time.  Seems like our summer weather ended abruptly and we went immediately into the cold.

We ordered pizza from a new place tonight — Gino’s.  The pizza was pretty good, fairly similar to Nicky’s (thicker crust).  We also got fries and they were expensive ($5.75 for a pretty small serving…nothing special so we won’t order them again).  Watched Chopped and had some ice cream for dessert (Haagen Dazs tonight — Caramel Cone for me, Rocky Road for Kimm).

Now we’ve been just relaxing some more (I did some coloring, reading blogs/FB, writing blogs, watching DWTS — Week 2, TV night — Kimm has been working on her Christmas list, listening to music, checking FB).  We’ll meet up in about half an hour from now to watch a Criminal Minds before bed (with the rest of our ice cream).

The only concerning thing right now is that I MIGHT be getting a head cold??!!  About an hour ago I started sniffling and sneezing and feeling so congested.  I immediately drank two cups of water to stay hydrated and took and allergy pill with a Tylenol.  I REALLY hope that I am not getting sick.  That would COMPLETELY be awful having to head back to work feeling unwell.

Fingers crossed, fingers crossed, fingers crossed!!!

Anyways, it is super nice to know I still have tonight off and to be all cozy on the couch wrapped up in a blanket 🙂


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