The week continues…

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The second night of work was not too bad.  And now it’s already my third day and then I’ll have two off!  It’s an earlier one tonight (in by 10 pm) so I’m running a little short on time!

I slept better today, thank goodness, even though the room did get a little warm.  I never turned the AC on because it felt cool enough when I first went in there.  Of course as the day progressed, it just got warmer and warmer.  But somehow I never felt the need to actually get up and turn the AC on!

Kimm mowed the lawn today (it had been three weeks).  It looks really good.  Of course it took her all day!  Well, I should clarify…the mowing only took about an hour and a half…all the talking with the neighbors filled in the rest of the time!

Dinner was a standby favorite…veggie burger and fries, with gelato for dessert.  Yumm!

I just found a new background for my computer desktop and I’m about to go up and do some yoga.

Then it will be shower time and a quick snack and show before heading to work.

Only one more left!!


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