1st stretch done!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Well, I made it through my first stretch of three days on.  Last night was quite busy so I was ready to be done.

Sleep was okay.  There was a point at about 3 pm that I woke up and was STARVING.  Like my stomach felt literally RAW.  But I rolled over, curled up in a ball to try to trick it, and eventually fell asleep since I woke up to the alarm going off.

So as soon as I got downstairs I made our meal — homemade pizza — always amazing!

Then a nice, hot shower and comfy clothes.  LOVE IT.

Seriously love the feeling of not having to go in to work at night!!

So tomorrow we have errands to run so I’m sure the day will fly by.  But for tonight, it’s DWTS, Criminal Minds and popcorn.  And more sleep 🙂


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