Locked in!

Friday, October 7, 2016

I have to head back to work tonight and AHHH I don’t feel ready.  Why, oh why do days off always go by so fast??

Today has felt awful busy as well.  We got up a little later than usual because apparently I fell back asleep after the alarm and then Izzy was pretty comfy in her bed as well 🙂  When we finally got ourselves up and ready to head out the door…the door would not open!  Something in it was jammed.  Kimm got out the screwdriver and tried using that to get the door open…nothing!  So eventually we had to just go out the front door.

When we got home, Kimm called the locksmith that we had used before (years and years before when we had locked ourselves out of the house when we went for a walk with Izzy).  It is a local company.  Unfortunately they could not come over immediately, but thought that they could fit us in during the day.

So we ate breakfast and got ourselves ready to head out for our drive to Easthampton (we had to pick up the tattoo gift certificates that we are giving as a wedding gift for the wedding on Monday).  Nothing like waiting until the last minute, right!

It was a BEAUTIFUL drive.

As we were driving home Kimm got a call from the locksmith asking if we were home.  Nope, but would be in about 15 minutes.  So we were going to be pushed back until later in the day.  It was about 1 pm when we got home so I started making lunch (spaghetti with homemade sauce, corn and garlic bread).  JUST as I was starting to serve up the meal, the locksmith calls.  SERIOUSLY!

So the meal was on hold because he was coming over then.  It took him about 30 minutes to fix the door.  Turns out the latch was jammed.  He replaced it with a latch we had at home (from a set of doorknobs we had bought when we got the house).  He also moved the plate on the door frame that matched up with the lock because I guess it was not aligning properly.

I’m SO GLAD that is done.  That door has not been working properly for a while so now everything seems to be pretty good.

Final cost = $99.  Not too bad I didn’t think.

Then we finally got to eat lunch!  We were hungry!

After lunch we were going to do our finance meeting but we postponed it.  Just didn’t feel like doing it.  I kind of felt like the whole day was a little off because of the whole lock situation.

I REALLY wish I did not have to go to work tonight.  Just not feeling it.

But it is only two days.

I’m actually writing this blog pretty early because I’m not sure what will happen tonight.  Probably dinner and then maybe a nap??



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