Rough night.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Wowsers…last night at work was CRAZY.  It was so busy I never even got ONE sip of my coffee!  I had to warm it up and drink it when I got home!  It was go, go, go with lots of sick patients, phone calls, dealing with a new night time doc, morning OR case, scheduling issues.  Seriously, I vented a lot to the supervisor who came it to relieve me and then AGAIN to Kimm when I got home.  That helped quite a bit and I was able to just hit the pillow and fall asleep immediately.  I slept pretty good too…just not long enough 🙂

While I was snoozing away, Kimm had a productive day…two loads of laundry, putting up all the new fall decorations that we bought from Target (she did a GREAT job!)

Thankfully dinner was super simple — tacos the second night so mostly reheating and assembling!  While watching the Criminal Minds (a season finale…I think we finished Season 4…it was good!)

Dishes are done.  It’s dark out…boo!  I’m just resting my stomach for a few minutes and then I’ll do yoga, shower and rest a short bit before heading back in.

I’m REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hoping that tonight is a bit better than last night.



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