Another pint.

Friday, October 14, 2016

I made it through my three days on.

After work I went to give blood.  Next time I give will be a gallon!  I was able to give today, but JUST barely.  My hemoglobin was 12.5 (exactly what I needed).  Without taking the daily iron I most certainly would not be able to donate.  My vitals were good — blood pressure 111/75, heart rate 51.  It took 8 minutes to give the blood.  I drank about 32 ounces of water during the donation time (really distracts me from having the needle inserted and that strange sensation when the blood is coming out!)

I left after signing my slip for my one free hour of vacation, receiving a coupon for a free car wash and vacuum, and eating my customary Fig Newtons (love!!)

I got home and crashed right into bed.

Dinner was so good — quesadillas (onion, green pepper, mushrooms and cheese).

Now I’m about to get in the shower and then watch some DWTS.

Then some popcorn and Criminal Minds…

A PERFECT night off 🙂


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