Thursday, October 20, 2016

Well, that was a tough first night back at work.  Busy in the ED so lots of admits for the floors and as usual, nurses get frustrated and negative when they have to take admissions.  I really need to learn how to not let this bother me as much.  It’s just not good for the soul.  I can make fill myself up with negativity all on my own, thank you very much, so I don’t need work adding to it!  I just need to remember to BREATHE and STEP BACK.  Oftentimes I think that when a person becomes negative it’s just because things are not going according to their plan (they may be behind on their charting, they may have a challenging patient, they may not have had much sleep) — it probably really has nothing to do with ME personally, even though it often seems like it does.  I want to keep a positive attitude for people at work.  I know I LIKE to be around people who are POSITIVE…or at least can inject some humor into a stressful night.  UGH.  Okay enough about that.

Well, I found out yesterday that my co-supervisor does have brain cancer…a glioblastoma which I guess is one of the fastest growing cancers and difficult to treat.  5 year survival rate is 10% and most cases 1-2 years.  So, so, so sad.  I’m really in shock and I feel for her.  She is so young and had her whole life ahead of her.  I’m really hoping for a miracle even though it’s probably not likely.  It’s true what they say, you don’t think about things like this (that happen to so many people), until you know someone that it happens too.  She starts chemo today.  I have a feeling I’ll be thinking about her often.

So that is just another reminder to just be happy that you are healthy…even if it is not the healthy you want.  So yes, my ankle is sore and my feet hurt most nights and I’m more achy than I feel I should be for my age…but I DON’T HAVE CANCER!!!!!

Okay…now time for me to zen out with some yoga.  Then a hot shower and into work for 10 pm!  Day 2 of 4…it WILL be better than yesterday!


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