Trying to avoid being sick!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Last night at work flew by.  I did a lot of weigh-ins for the hospital’s Maintain Campaign — an incentive program for employees to maintain their weight over the holidays.  If you maintain your weight (+/- 4 pounds) then you get a gift and get your name entered in for a raffle prize.  Also a prize for the employee who loses the most weight.  I thought it was a pretty good incentive program.  I was pleasantly surprised by my weigh-in.  My goal is to hopefully lose 10 pounds by the last weigh-in (Jan 10th) — at the VERY minimum 5 pounds!!!!

The snow is pretty much all gone with all the rain we got last night.  And the few flowers that were hanging on are now pretty much dead — but it was a good run!

I’m feeling a little run down and on the edge of getting sick.  Lots of people sick at work (mostly head colds).  Getting sick is THE WORST — especially head colds.  I can’t stand them.  So I’m going to have to stay well rested and take my Vit C.  I did get my flu vaccine this morning.  Hurt a little getting the injection and my arm is a little sore, but not as sore as it usually is.

Now I’m about to do a restorative yoga practice, then a nice hot shower.

Popcorn tonight!!!


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