More yard work…

Thursday, November 17, 2016

I can’t believe that our second day of raking/bagging leaves is done.

Today’s totals — 2.5 hours, 21 bags.

Not too shabby.

We got a lot done in just a little bit of time (although it doesn’t FEEL like a little bit of time when you are actually out there doing it!).  Pretty much all of the leaves are up except for a few that Kimm is going to mow tomorrow.  Tomorrow I will attack some of the miscellaneous stuff in the yard — cutting down the hostas, emptying pots of dirt, getting all the mums thrown out.

Today was a little frustrating because it was so WINDY!  It’s hard to feel accomplished when leaves keep blowing around you and they are supposed to be going IN the bag!! But we persevered and got it done.

It didn’t hurt that we had take-out to look forward to 🙂  We got grinders and fries from Parthenon.  Yummy.

Before doing leaves, this morning I had my dentist appointment.  The cleaning went pretty good.  But I do have a small cavity on one of my bottom left molars (I had thought so because when I’ve chewed gum at work this past week or so I would occasionally feel a sharp twinge).  The dentist is also going to refill an old filling on my upper left back molar that is probably over 20 years old.  When she does that she will make the contact between that tooth and the crown next to it tighter which will hopefully eliminate this issue I’ve had where lots of food gets trapped between those two teeth.  Of course I’m nervous because last time they refilled an old cavity that is when it turned into a crown and root canal.  Fingers crossed that won’t happen again.

I made the appointment for next January when the new year’s insurance kicks in.  Dental work isn’t cheap my friend!

Just watched DWTS — love Jana, Laurie, James, Calvin and Tara (they made it to the semi-finals!!)

Now for an episode of Criminal Minds before bed!


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