The tree

Friday, November 25, 2016

Our Christmas tree is bought!!

I LOVE it.

We had to go with a smaller tree this year because of where we had to put it, but honestly it doesn’t FEEL any smaller than our other trees, probably because the area it is in is a little smaller.

And I have the PERFECT view of it from the love seat where I normally sit 🙂

We got the tree today, after lunch at a local fruit and vegetable stand.  I love supporting local 🙂  The tree is a Frasier fir and cost $40.  We also got a REAL wreath this year too!  Only $20!

The best part about a smaller tree was that it was SO MUCH easier to get in the house and set up in the tree stand!

So our annual “day after Thanksgiving getting the tree” is done!

Now tonight we watch our first Christmas movie and enjoy the smell of a real tree…

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