Decorating, Day One

Saturday, November 27, 2016



Decorating Day One…complete.

And my feet/back can attest to a long, busy day.

I think we started about 11 am.  And finished about 7 pm.


…both trees!  (we LOVE both our trees, but huge shout out to the slim fake tree we have…it fits PERFECTLY where we planned to have it!)

…MOST of the Christmas vignettes around the house on the flat surfaces

To be completed:

…outside wreaths (and one more to hang inside)

…porch tree

…bathroom tree (will have lights this year!)

…miscellaneous odds and ends

Goal — to be completed by 3 pm tomorrow as we are having dinner out with friends and then having them over to the house after.  So we have a lot left to do since we’ll have to get rid of all the “piles” of junk hanging around too!

Crossing our fingers it all gets done in time.

Our reward for tonight — pizza out while watching Christmas with the Kranks!


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