Thursday, December 8, 2016

Another BUSY day at work…in fact I can’t remember the last NON busy day at work 🙂

Sleep was welcome and then after eating it was right to BAKING!

We were invited to a Cookie Exchange on Friday and this was the night to do the baking!  We decided on one of the same cookies we did last year (Christmas Ball Cookies…basically a simple sugar cookie recipe) and then a new cookie recipe (Hot Chocolate Cookies).

Well, we got it all done!  But it did feel a bit rushed.  First of all, I messed up mixing the dough for the Christmas Balls (I only put 1/3 of the amount of sugar needed…so then I had to add more in at the end after the flour had already been mixed in!!  I think this may have meant that I overmixed the dough because when we baked them they spread a lot on the sheet pan, versus like last year when they kept their round shape.  They still TASTED good which was the good thing.

And then the Hot Chocolate Cookies were a little more involved than we initially thought.  I had to mix the dough, then roll it out and put on the tray (VERY sticky), then remove after a certain amount of time, put on the marshmallows, then back in the oven to cook a little more, then cool before adding a chocolate drizzle…WHEW!

But they tasted absolutely delicious!!!  Definitely a keeper.

So now we are all set for everything tomorrow….and it’s back to work for me tonight!


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