Festival of Trees!

Saturday, December 11, 2016

It felt good to sleep in a bit today 🙂

Then outside for a chilly walk … I think Izzy is the only one who doesn’t mind the cold!!

Breakfast and reading.

Then time to make a fresh batch of Chex Mix to take with us tonight when we head up to Holyoke for a Christmas party…Festival of Trees!  Every year we get invited to our friends who live in Holyoke — they have a beautiful home on Northampton Street that they fill with about 8 different decorated trees for the holidays.  The trees are GORGEOUS!!

Now these guys know a lot of people and once everyone arrives…it is a hopping place!  We got there early…so we would get a chance to look at the trees close up and not feel too crowded.

We actually were able to eat some of the food this year (most years there is not much for vegetarians!)   We had some of our Chex Mix, guacamole and chips, cheese and crackers, and garlic rolls.  Plus some tasty mixed drink!

We left after about three hours…I was getting so tired!  Plus we didn’t know too many people so it gets to be a little awkward.  We drove back home, changed into comfies, and then watched another episode of Criminal Minds…love that show!



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