Unable to give…

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Yep, I went to go and donate blood this morning (it was going to be my gallon mark!!!!) and I got deferred because of a low hemoglobin count (it was 11.7, needs to be 12.5).  And this is WITH taking iron every day now.  It’s a good thing that my doctor ordered some lab work when I was last there…I’ll be interested to see how it all turns out.

But for now, I cannot give (or try to give) for another two weeks.  I’ll have to try and increase my spinach consumption 🙂

It was another VERY busy night at work.  This holiday season has really packed the hospital full.

Kimm woke up sick!!!!  (oh no…the first dreaded cold of the season) but she managed to go out shopping with her dad and brother as planned.  I HOPE HOPE HOPE she can get over this quickly!!  (and that I don’t get sick too)

For now I’m heading into the shower and then to work early.  Last one on before two off!


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