Christmas candy…half done.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

COLD.  That is what it is like this morning!

And windy!

A perfect day to just stay inside.

Got started on the Christmas candy today.  I made the Almond Joy bars.  But of course I had an issue right away.  My chocolate chips would not melt into the topping.  I think it is because they were old chips (bag had been open since who knows when, but the “good til” date was still okay).  Frustrating because I had to waste a bunch of ingredients AND wash an extra pan!!!  Thankfully, the second time was a charm 🙂

We also made the Peppermint Kisses (and also made some with Rolos this year for Kimm’s mom since she loves them) and the Peanut Butter balls (I used a new recipe this year…mixed in some graham cracker crumbs for texture and used a little less sugar).

Even though it was only a few things…it took up basically the entire afternoon!

We got out grinders to eat (yumm!) and started watching The Holiday.  I say “STARTED” because as soon as I got the food in my belly, I became VERY, VERY sleepy.  So sleepy in fact that I took about an hour and a half nap…and then I was STILL sleepy!

SIGH. #thirdshiftproblems


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