Christmas shopping…done!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Wow…only five more days until Christmas.

And I’m STILL not completely done with everything.  I think I’m just made to do things right up until Christmas 🙂

However, I am one step closer…I got the last of my shopping done (Kimm’s stocking stuff).

Now all that is left is wrapping, making another batch of Chex Mix and another batch of the Christmas sugar cookies.

Oh yeah, and of course working two days!!

But at least I have tomorrow during they day to try to accomplish as much as I can.

We did manage to get in another Christmas movie today…Elf!  We are WAY behind on watching them this year.  We’ve been either too tired (mostly me!) or too busy doing things with other people to watch more.  Kind of makes me sad…it is one of my favorite things about Christmas!

But there are still a few more days so I’m SURE we’ll get a few more in!

I REALLY hope I sleep better tonight.  Last night was a little rough.  I got up at 4:30 am and after that I just could not sleep well at all.  SIGH.



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