Thursday, December 29, 2016

Finally a day to just relax 🙂

Slept in!

Good breakfast — some of the cranberry cake that we made for Christmas, and coffee, of course!

Then I finally got to do my Project 333: Winter (choosing 33 items to wear during Jan, Feb, Mar).  I’ve been meaning to do this FOREVER…but of course with everything going on with Christmas prep it just never happened.  But it happened today!  And now all my clothes are organized again.  AND I was able to get rid of some more things.  SUCCESS!!

Then it was time for lunch (appetizers) and a Christmas movie! (The Santa Clause…a classic)

Now I’ve been getting through all my blog posts I’ve postponed over and over.

We did get some snow today, probably less than an inch.  It was SO PRETTY coming down!  But of course since this afternoon it’s been raining non-stop.  I guess I should be happy for no shoveling!

Plans for the evening…popcorn and another Christmas movie!

LOVE these relaxing days.

Hard to believe that in a few days it will be 2017.


One thought on “Relaxing.

  1. Happy day for you…feeling so good about your successes!!!  LOL. Whoosh!!! |:-)  Mom and Dad

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