Monday, January 2, 2017

Wow, I can hardly believe that today is over.  Seems like it just started.

A lot was done today, but I wanted to do even more, of course!

I did not sleep very well — up several times and hard to fall back to sleep.  Izzy finally got us out of bed by 7:45 am.

Breakfast was a treat — bagels and cream cheese!

I spent the morning reading, going through my blogs, putting away my Christmas presents, and washing up two sets of flannel sheets.

Lunch was simple — egg sandwich and Pringles, with some Christmas candy afterwards.

And then the “de-Christmasing” began!!

It took us about 3 and 1/2 hours to put everything away.  WHEW. EXHAUSTING.

We were both just ready to be done when we were done.

We had already planned on getting pizza out which was perfect because I would NEVER have wanted to cook after going up and down those stairs so many times!

It was delicious 🙂  And then I fell into a deep, LONG nap (I was asleep for almost two hours!!!!)

WHOA.  That is what put me behind today.  I wanted to do my Day 2 of yoga — ran out of time…I will have to do it tomorrow.  It is all about INTENTION.  I can’t wait to do it.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 2)…

~~the Yoga Sutras is a plan for living, which has 8 limbs

~~the first four limbs are the limbs of tapas (spirituality in action)

~~1st limb is yama (5 moral restraints), 2nd limb is niyamas (5 observances), 3rd limb is asana (postures), 4th limb is pranayama (breathing)

~~the next two limbs are called svadhyaya (self-study)…5th limb is pratyahara (turning inward), 6 limb is dharana (concentration)

~~the last two limbs are isvara (the surrender of the individual self to the universal self)…7th limb is dhyana (meditation), 8th limb is samadhi (union with the object of meditation)

~~the 8 limbs are a map, but the journey is more important than the destination

Things making me happy today: bagel with cream cheese, crisp still morning air, smell of fresh sheets, getting the house back after taking down “Christmas,” pizza out!


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