A scare.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Before I even BEGIN to get started with today I have to recap what happened last night.  So we decided to watch TWO Criminal Minds (because according to Kimm that makes it more of a special night than just watching one!)  We had finished the first one, during which we had popcorn, and we were about to start the second one, and we decided to have some M and M’s.  Kimm went out to the kitchen to get them and then all of a sudden I heard, “the door is open.”  IMMEDIATELY I looked and saw Izzy in her bed (whew!) and Madeline on the sofa (WHEW!).  BUT…I looked into the box next to where I was sitting…no Mister Man.  Kimm looked in the box in the dining room…NO MISTER MAN.  She looked outside the door…CAT PRINTS!!!  He had gotten outside.  Kimm looked to the right…no Mister Man.  She looked to the left…THERE HE WAS…sniffing the snow by the end of the house as if nothing was wrong.  Kimm was so nervous…she knew that he is not one that will come if called and could possibly run off into the snow, out of the yard through the fence.  She rushed outside (IN HER SLIPPERS) and snatched him up!  OH MY GOODNESS…talk about having your heart hammering with fear!!!  We were both SO GLAD that he was okay.

I don’t know what happened with that door.  I had taken Izzy out before the first episode of Criminal Minds and I KNOW that I shut the door.  It must have popped open a bit and because I locked it it couldn’t shut back.  So there was a whole 45 minutes when Charlie could have been outside.  I don’t think he was out that long but STILL!!  I’m so glad that he was safe and that we didn’t have to spend the night out in the snow looking for him.  I’ll tell you that FOR SURE I will be checking that door like crazy.

So anyways, when we got up this morning, our main goal was to get the snow shoveled.

Which we were able to get done before lunch!

We ate breakfast and then we headed outside.  I would say there was about 3 inches.  Kimm snow blowed the driveway and I started shoveling the walkway.  I actually LIKE shoveling.  There is something so peaceful about a world of white.  We were done in about 45 minutes.

After getting in I did yoga (Revolution Day 3) while Kimm took a shower.  And then I took a shower.

Lunch and a nap followed.

The wake for my co-supervisor who died was today but I decided not to go.  I really did not want to remember her like that.  I did get a text from my other co-supervisor in the afternoon asking if I wanted to go to the funeral with her the next day.

I made the decision to go even though I knew I would be super tired.  That I did want to do.

Dinner was made (enchiladas), and eaten and then I showered and headed into work (I went in early for 8 pm).  Now I’m on for three.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 8)…

~~vairagya is letting go, the elimination of whatever hinders progress and refinement

~~it is human nature to want to hold on

~~when we make a commitment to our practice, the obstacles to our progress come into clear focus

~~there is a sense of liberation and lightness that will happen as we begin to renounce the things that have held us back

Things making me happy today: shoveling in the sun and the silence of the morning, a sweaty challenging yoga practice, covering with the blanket on the couch


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