Work Book Club…

Wednesday, January 12, 2017

I made it through my three days on!!  And now for two off…sigh of relief 🙂

Headed home right after work and face planted into bed…

I got up a bit earlier (3:45 pm instead of 4 pm) in order to shower and get ready to head out for Book Club.  I was DETERMINED not to cancel again.  Of course when I woke up I was like, “why am I doing this to myself??” I was exhausted and the last thing I wanted to do was head out to go to Book Club.  But I ignored my mental state, hopped into a glorious hot shower, got dressed and after a little while, I woke up more and was more eager to meet everyone.

We met at Max’s Tavern in Springfield.  I have never been there before.  What I like about this work book club is that they always try new places to meet at, so when the year is over, not only will I have expanded my mind with new books, I will also have expanded my palate with new places to eat.

Started at the bar where I tried a cocktail of unsweetened apple juice, sage simple syrup, finished off with a dry white wine (cinnamon sugared rim too!)  The drink was OKAY.  The wine was a bit too dry for me which made the drink a bit bitter.  But what is life without trying new things!

On to the meal.  First of all, the atmosphere of the place was AMAZING.  Very fancy.  Red leather booths, carpet, low lighting, brass railings.  The food is primarily meat-based, but I was able to order sides of mac and cheese (crazy good) and potato wedges (also really good).  Plus we got a starter of warm rolls (with butter) — yumm!!!  One of the ladies ordered a bottle of Reisling (sweet) wine so I had some of that too.  It was a really good meal.  I ate all the potato wedges, about 1/3 of the mac and cheese.  Then dessert…we all ordered the S’mores Brownie and it was SO GOOD…a graham cracker crust, covered with brownie, draped in marshmallow that was toasted!!!  (I ate half and brought the other half home).

The book we read was Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll.  Only two of us read the book!  I was pretty underwhelmed by it.  I had higher expectations.  It is definitely not a book that I would read again.

Our next book that we choose is The Sleepwalker by Chris Bohjalian.  I’m excited to read a new author.  The book was just released yesterday!  If I like this author, there are 18 more books I could read.  I like that.

We left about 8:45 pm and I was home by 9.  Kimm had her own fun night…grinder and fries from Parthenon while watching her show. She was coloring when I got home.

We finished the night with a Criminal Minds.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 11)…

~~abhyasa is PRACTICE

~~whatever happens in our life, good or bad, when we come to the mat we do the next right thing

~~practice is making something a PRIORITY

~~by choosing to practice yoga we are saying that our spiritual growth is important to us

~~our practice is a shelter we build daily for our spiritual selves

~~the winds of life will try to wear away at this shelter, but if we stick to our practice, the shelter will hold

Things making me happy today: cashews (love them for a snack), being done with my three days on, not opting out of going to book club, new restaurant/good food (Max’s Tavern)


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