Friday the 13th??

Friday, January 13, 2017

I’m trying not to feel too superstitious today considering I have to go in to work tonight!

(and we are just past the full moon as well…)

Today went by fast…

Up for breakfast and reading and then checking my blogs.  Also worked on finally getting my email inbox to ZERO!

A quick shower and then to Target for some essentials.  We actually made it out of there under $150 so I would say that was a success!

Home for lunch (mini pizzas and some Pringles).  Followed by ice cream (Kimm’s idea!!! — but I wasn’t arguing — it’s been MONTHS since we’ve indulged)

And then I finished reading my book, The Martian.  The end was so thrilling and a nail biter.  I really liked it!  Now I can’t wait to see the movie.

Before making dinner I cleaned the tub.  I’m DETERMINED not to let that household task get away from me this year.

Dinner was taco salad…yumm.  And we watched two amazing Criminal Minds during it.  LOVE that show.

I’m heading in a bit early to relieve the supervisor since she is staying to assist as a staff nurse overnight.

Meditations from the Mat (day 13)…

~~we do not have to succumb to self-judgment

~~we can observe our reactions with awareness and then let them go

~~we are only human, we will feel emotions

~~spiritual practice is about loving ourselves and all our flaws

Things making me happy today: getting my email inbox to zero, not spending too much at Target, getting the tub cleaned for the 2nd week in a row, great Criminal Minds episodes


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