So now I’m 44.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Crazy, crazy, CRAZY, that I am now 44!!  I have probably lived half my life by now.  Sure puts things in perspective 🙂

So…work was MEH.  Incredibly busy, short-staffed, rushed.  The BEST part of the night was a birthday greeting from Kimm at midnight…she had waited up to wish me a happy birthday 🙂  I was SO glad to leave and even MORE glad that I was not coming back for THREE DAYS!!!

After I got home I chatted with Kimm a bit and then I was able to talk with my parents as well!!  And then it was off to bed. I slept SO GOOD.  Of course when I woke up my eyes were burning.  I was able to salvage my hair so I didn’t need to take a shower so I quickly dressed and then we headed out for my birthday dinner.

El Forestero!!  Authentic Mexican…yumm!  Guac and chips, veggie quesadillas, beans and rice, virgin strawberry coladas.  Besides the restaurant being too cold for my liking (hate those drafts!) and the guac coming midway during the meal and the whipped cream on the strawberry coladas sticking to the roof of your mouth…it was great 🙂

Afterwards we stopped at Geissler’s to pick up bagels for breakfast and a birthday treat.  I choose a chocolate peanut butter pudding cake.

And then it was time for gifts!!  I got too much…$50 from Mom and Dad (THANK YOU!!), a new phone case, an essential oil diffuser with an six pack of essential oils, 36 pack of markers, and a gift certificate for a t-shirt from Kimm.  It’s nice to feel so loved 🙂

Since we were incredibly full when we first got home we just relaxed…and by that I mean I napped (GLORIOUS!!) and Kimm read 🙂

Then it was time for birthday wishes and cake.  One of my favorite parts of the night was Kimm singing “Happy Birthday” to me 🙂  I hope my wish comes true!

And then we ate the cake (pretty good…but nothing as good as something homemade!) and watched TWO episodes of Criminal Minds.  I’m SO SO SO SAD that Derek is leaving the show…he is one of my favorite characters!

And then bedtime, which was so nice.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 14)…

~~STAY with the posture

~~even if discomfort, fear, boredom, distraction comes…STAY with the posture

~~BUT…don’t think that only a 100% effort will do — don’t get caught in a negative cycle of judgment and evaluation — instead, learn to make REST a part of your practice

~~remember to take a rest long before you are exhausted and frustrated

~~if you begin to think of rest periods as an active part of your practice you will stay in tune with your body

~~learning to rest will allow you to feel the most nourishing aspects of yoga and allow you to sustain your practice 

Things making me happy today: making it through a tough night at work, MY BIRTHDAY!!, El Forestero, opening birthday presents, listening to Kimm sing “Happy Birthday”


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