Pushing through.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Well, this thing that I’ve been fighting off is moving along.  Started out with a sore throat and now some more congestion and general fatigue.  I’m so glad I only have one more night to work.  Especially since last night was all kind of CRAZY busy.  Wow, 4 CERT calls, non-stop busy.  I sat down once to enter some computer data and eat my string cheese.  When I left I was so hungry I wolfed down my cashews in the car!

Since I was so exhausted I just slept so soundly.  I don’t think I even got up once.

I REALLY hope tonight is a bit better.

Quesadillas for dinner — simple and good.  It started freezing raining after dinner and is still going.  I’ll have to leave a bit earlier tonight to make sure the roads are okay.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 23)…

~~the second yama is satya and it concerns TRUTH

~~we must work hard to speak the truth and live the truth

~~little by litter we notice, then drop, our old habits of embellishment, obfuscation, minimization, self-aggrandizement, omission, rationalization and exaggeration

~~the process calls on all of our powers of self-control

~~as the layers of falsehood fall away, an intimacy develops with our own truth

Things making me happy today:  sleeping incredibly soundly, being able to vent about work to Kimm, only working two days in a row, the sound of rain falling


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