The start of Kimm’s Birthday Days!!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

I made it through my last day on!!  And it wasn’t too much fun, especially at the end when we were on downtime (as I suspected!)  But I was out of there by 8:30 am and thoroughly looking forward to THREE days off 🙂

I stopped at Price Rite for a few grocery items after work and the all important ice cream cake that Kimm wanted for her birthday!!!  (only $4.99!!!! — for four slices worth…not bad at all!!)

Then home for a quick walk with Izzy.  Kimm is STILL feeling sick…poor thing.  She slept terrible and she can hardly breathe.  What a combination.

I slept wonderful again.  Thank goodness.

Then I was up and it was time to start the birthday celebrations…first night…getting pizza out!


Meditations from the Mat (Day 29)…

~~those on a spiritual path often say that we get what we need, not what we want … this can be viewed in a dim light — “I only get what I need, I’m not going to have that great of a life” — BUT a good life is available to every one of us!

~~what the universe has in store for us is so much greater than what we can imagine

~~we are often shortsighted!  WHY?? most of us glimpse little of our true potential

~~a single right action has a tremendous positive effect

~~a series of inter connected right actions will cause your life to become great

~~as we take right action we get more energy and that energy gives us the ability to take the next right action

Things making me happy today: being done with a stretch on, a bright sunny winter day, buying Kimm’s birthday cake, getting pizza out, relaxing on a comfy couch!


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