House Chores.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Well, today is the last day of February.  HOW in the heck did that happen??

I’ll take it.  Another month of winter done…that much closer to spring.

Today was all about getting some house stuff done.

–change the sheets on the bed

–wash the old sheets

–dust the bedroom

–sweep the bedroom

Okay, so I guess it wasn’t all that much.  But those are major house chores for me and when I get them done, I’m happy.

Since we weren’t able to get food out from Parthenon yesterday, we got some today.  Grinders and onion rings/fries.  Tasted okay.  Somehow my taster was a little off.

In other news…I was REALLY craving chocolate today.  So I broke open the Raisenettes.  They were good, but I ate WAY TOO MANY.  Now I have a Raisenette stomach ache.

Today is my first of three on.  Crossing my fingers it won’t be too bad.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 59)…

~~the five yamas — nonviolence, honesty, nonstealing, moderation, nonhoarding — the foundation of a happy life

~~living the yamas is an awesome challenge

~~at the core of the yamas is personal responsibility

~~doing the yamas can be difficult when we are faced with our fears

~~”Do not take counsel of your fears” — this is the message of the yamas and the pathway to peace

Things making me happy today: fresh sheets on the bed, all the dog hair up off the bedroom floor!, Raisenettes, eating out, Queer as Folk


Barnes and Noble {hot drink} FAIL.

Monday, February 27, 2017

YAY for a full day off 🙂

It was pretty understated.

Pretty much the usual in the morning…slept in, breakfast (English muffin and coffee!), reading, catching up on my blogs.

Then a shower because we were heading out to Barnes and Noble as a fun thing for the day.  We were both a little nervous because we weren’t sure what we might have for a drink there.  Kimm usually gets some sort of Frappacinno but lately the flavors have not been enticing.  As for me, the last few times I got the specialty latte and it wasn’t anything to write home about either.

So when we got there, we immediately looked at the drink menu so we could figure out what we wanted to get and we were not impressed.  I decided I would make a latte with one of their syrups (Toffee Nut).  Kimm decided to do the same.  So after wandering around the store for a bit, collecting books to browse through, we got our table and ordered our Toffee Nut lattes (and sugar cookies!)

Let’s just say…MAJOR FAIL.  In no way did those lattes taste like Toffee or Nuts!!!  They were probably the worst latte I have ever gotten there.  And the worst part was…they charged the regular latte price PLUS an extra 60 cents for the syrup!!!!! WHAT??  Seriously.  Those drinks were definitely not worth ~$4.50. GRRR.  Even though we used a gift card I felt cheated.  Good thing we had the sugar cookies because those were EXCELLENT 🙂

Then we were going to order food out from Parthenon to pick up on the way home….they are CLOSED on Mondays!!!  Double GRRRRR.

I decided to just make veggie burgers and fries and call it a night.

The meal was good, but I was still stinging over not being able to get takeout!


Anyways, it was a day off and that is ALWAYS a good thing.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 58)…

~~once you open yourself to yoga, you will find it everywhere

~~yoga teaches you to live more slowly

~~yoga teaches you that you need is in your soul

~~yoga teaches you to follow your heart

~~yoga teaches simplicity

~~yoga teaches you to be satisfied

Things making me happy today: having a full day off, spending a day with my sweetie, having the windows down on our drive, Starbucks SUGAR COOKIES!!!

Good and Bad.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Good — my two days of work are done!

Bad — I forgot to give the keys to my co-supervisor when I left so I had to return them when I was JUST about home.

Good — it was a beautiful day for a drive and I was able to have the window down with the fresh air blowing in

Good — Kimm came up with a new meal — Fettuccine Alfredo with Broccoli and “Chicken”

Bad — the Alfredo sauce we had was a jar we had won at a Jack and Jack and it was Roasted Garlic Alfredo sauce and BOY OH BOY was that garlicky…and NOT in a good way…we both agreed, we loved the concept of the dish, but we will have to make it again with REGULAR Alfredo sauce 🙂

Good — we took that taste away with some Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream!

Good — I have off today

Good — I get to go up to bed to sleep tonight

Good — I’m SO looking forward to breakfast tomorrow!!!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 57)…

~~as long as we hold on to thoughts and symbols of the false self, we are blocked from the light of the spirit

~~if your hands are closed, you are not ready to receive a gift

~~aparigraha is about taking the spiritual stance of an open hand

~~with open hands, we can glimpse the grandeur of the universe

Things making me happy today:  driving home with the windows open with fresh air to breath, chocolate peanut butter ice cream, going to bed at NIGHT!


Saturday, February 25, 2017

I made it through my first night on with nothing more than a few glitches.  There is always something happening to make the night “interesting.”

I was happy to leave and head home.  Kimm’s plan was to go to her parent’s house today to have her dad check our taxes.  So I went to bed and slept the day away.

When I woke up, the ground was wet…it had rained off and on during the day.

Homemade pizza for dinner and a new show…The West Wing.  I’m not sure if I like it yet.  I’ll have to give it a few more episodes.

After dinner I did the dishes, cleaned the tub, did an arm workout, took a shower.

Now I’m just resting a small bit before heading in for 10 pm.

It’s been raining pretty steadily since after dinner.  Poor Izzy…she’s so freaked out…she just does NOT like rain.  I like hearing it fall though.  I just hope it slows down when it’s time for me to leave for work!

Only tonight and then two off!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 56)…

~~most of us have had our material wants gratified many times over

~~behind the impulse to find a solution outside ourselves (more, more, more stuff) is the pain of being lost

~~the aim of yoga is to help you find your way back home

~~aparigraha is about recognizing our fears and letting them go

Things making me happy today: unwinding on the drive home from work, mild weather, the sound of rain falling outside, clean tub, homemade pizza

70s in February!!

Friday, February 24, 2017

I cannot believe that this month is almost over.

And I cannot believe that the temps reached into the 70s today!!!  CRAZY.

Today was another really, really nice day.

It started out with Izzy waking us up early…at 7:30 am she was like, “get up!”

We did get up and headed out to breakfast…Cracker Barrel — scrambled eggs, cheesy hashbrown casserole, buttermilk biscuits with jam, blueberry muffin, coffee — SO GOOD.

Followed by all our errands — finally canceling the gym (it’s only been on our list for like forever), stopping at the library to pick up some books, and picking up some meds for Izzy at the vet.

Relaxing back at home (i.e., reading!)

A walk (which we both sweat during) and then an early dinner of taco salad…yumm.

I’ve showered, we’ve watched our show (finished One Day at a Time which was really good), and now I’m napping before heading into work.

Only 2 on!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 55)…

~~aparigraha embodies the idea of good things to come

~~when we part what we are holding on to, we are clearing space for something better

~~the past is done, and we are making room for the living

Things making me happy today: breakfast at Cracker Barrel, spring-like day with temps in the 70s, finally canceling the gym, taco salad, open windows with fresh breezes…

A COMPLETELY relaxing day!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Finally, the day I was waiting for!!!

Slept in 🙂

Breakfast — waffles and coffee 🙂

Shower and reading 🙂

The dentist — my only true TASK for the day.  I finally had my appointment for my cavity to be filled (I had canceled TWICE — once because I was sick in January, again because of a big snowstorm).  I was very nervous about the appointment because I really don’t like getting the Novacaine.  But I made it through…even though I was shaking pretty bad until after the Novacaine was given.  Whew..SO GLAD THAT IS OVER.

Home to just relax some more since I was still very numb.

Ate lunch about 1 pm — leftovers from last night (spaghetti and salad and bread).  I was still a little numb so I had to eat slow 🙂

More relaxing — basically reading and napping.

We did take Izzy for a walk because it was GORGEOUS out.

And then we got pizza out for dinner — yumm!

And then more reading and napping!!

I’m telling you…I NEEDED a day like this.  I feel like it’s been GO, GO, GO since last Saturday.  I was just so happy today to not have to do anything.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 54)…

~~sometimes with aparigraha there is fear that comes from want

~~you may want to hold on to something just because you have it and you may need it someday

~~we need to learn to not grieve the loss of anything…we need to learn how to say goodbye

~~we need to learn that we will be provided for in our life

Things making me happy today: making it through my cavity being filled, having a COMPLETELY relaxing day — reading and naps!, getting pizza out

Book Club (and movie!)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I made it through my three nights on!!!

Now sleep and fun tonight!!

I was up at 3:15 pm and was SO TIRED.  I immediately hopped in the shower and started getting ready because book club was starting at 5 pm!

By the time I was showered and dressed I was feeling a LITTLE better but still just so tired.

But then our friend came over, the wine was poured, the conversation started, and the laughing began!  It was a GREAT night.  I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE when you can meet up with a friend after a long absence and it’s like no time has passed at all 🙂

We had plenty of talking over a hearty meal (spaghetti, salad, bread with Italian dipping oil…coconut lemon cookies for dessert!).  Then we situated ourselves down with coffee and a blanket for watching the movie that went along with our book club book…The Martian.  I actually thought it did a pretty good job of keeping me entertained, even though there were SEVERAL deviations from the book (I guess that is probably to be expected).

We broke our night up around 11:15 pm and then Kimm and I snacked on an English muffin before heading up to bed.

I REALLY hope we can try meeting up once a month because it was such a refreshing, FUN evening!!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 53)…

~~yoga de-ages us — we regain physical powers that we may have lost over the years as our spines grow supple and our muscles grow strong

~~forgiveness does for the SOUL what the yoga postures do for our BODY

~~forgiveness cannot be self-serving

~~the most important reason for forgiveness is our belief in interconnectedness — because we are all one, what we cannot forgive in others, we cannot forgive in ourselves

~~forgiveness is therefore an act of SELF-LOVE

~~by loving ourselves, we love all of humanity

Things making me happy today: finally done with my three days on!!!!, book club with A, talking and laughing with a good friend, watching The Martian


Getting ready…

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Wow, I’m tired tonight and I haven’t even gone in to work yet!!

A busy day, especially since part of it was spent in preparation for our Book Club Dinner/Get Together for tomorrow night.

It was another busy night at work.  I found out too that one of the nurses who works in Short Stay Surgery had a tragedy this past weekend — her young (20 year old) son died unexpectedly.  Such a sad, sad thing.

I stopped at Price Rite on the way home to pick up salad ingredients for tomorrow night and then home and into bed.

I slept pretty good.  Got up and went on a walk.  Chillier than yesterday that’s for sure.

Dinner was veggie burgers and fries.  After dinner I made some Vegan Lemon Coconut Cookies for tomorrow and the entire house smelled amazing.  We’ll have to try one tonight with our snack to “make sure” that they are good 🙂

Then a quick dusting of the living room and dining room and then into the shower.

Now I’m just writing my blog and we’re going to watch our show before I head into work.

Only one more!!!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 52)…

~~the first step to wellness is forgiveness

~~if you do not forgive, you will harbor resentment and anger

~~resentment and anger are aparigraha violations

~~the spiritual life is always about letting go, it is never about holding on

~~forgive and be free

Things making me happy today: walking with Kimm and Izzy, making a new recipe (Vegan Lemon Coconut cookies!), QUIET, a hot shower, veg burger with grilled onions!

Made it!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Whew!  I made it through a busy night even though I was exhausted.

So happy to get home and climb into bed.

Up by 4pm and Kimm, Izzy and I went on a walk.  It was a little colder than yesterday, but still bright and sunny.

We were eating Cheeseburg Salad by 5:30 pm!  YUMM.

Dishes done, tub cleaned (!!), shower done and now a little relaxing before work.

Only two more days…

Meditations from the Mat (Day 51)…

~~aparigraha says to travel LIGHT while on the spiritual path

~~we have all been programmed, sometimes unintentionally

~~set yourself free from out-dated beliefs

Things making me happy today:  making it through  my first night on even though I was exhausted, climbing into bed, warm hands while washing the dishes, Izzy’s new bed 🙂

Game night #2…

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Today was another really busy (but FUN!) day.

We were up by 9 am and then ate breakfast and quickly showered because we needed to get out of the house by 11:15 am to get to Drag Brunch.

It was a GOOD one 🙂  Food I ate — 1/4 plain bagel with cream cheese, a cranberry muffin, mac and cheese (a little dry), Caesar salad, hash browns, a brownie!  GREAT performers…one of the better shows 🙂

We were out of there by about 3 pm which was good because we were going to be heading out that night again to go to another game night (the hostess of Drag was having his birthday party).

The drive home was GORGEOUS!!!  Beautiful, balmy spring-like weather.  We immediately headed out for a walk to get Izzy moving (and us too!) Then a quick snack and a short nap for me and then we were leaving again.

We brought walnut brownies (which everyone LOVED) and stayed for about 2 hours (I had to work).  I did manage to play two new-to-me games.  There were a lot of people there I didn’t know, but I guess that is all about breaking out of my comfort zone.

When we were driving home I got a text from the supervisor on saying I could come in at 11 pm instead of 10 pm and I definitely did not turn that down!!  So instead of having to just rush and change and head into work immediately when getting home, we were able to have a quick snack (grilled cheese!) and I got another short nap in!

Now I’m on for three…

Meditations from the Mat (Day 50)…

~~the final yama is aparigraha, or non-possessiveness

~~aparigraha is about letting go

~~let go of piles of stuff, attachments to certain thought patterns…anything that is unhealthful to you

~~letting go allows you to be free

Things making me happy today: a fun Drag Brunch, GORGEOUS spring weather, finding out at the last minute I can go in to work an hour later and then enjoying dinner with Kimm 🙂