Happy 42nd Sweetie Pie!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Today was a very special day…the birthday of the one I love!

If only she was feeling better…sigh, such is life.

I think we had a pretty good, low-key day though.

Bagels for breakfast — always yumm 🙂

I shoveled afterwards — got about another inch overnight so about three inches total…as I was shoveling the sun was out and it was melting it all upon itself making it VERY heavy to shovel…not as bad as the last one, but still, heavy.  I was a sweaty mess when it was all done.

A nice hot shower to follow.

Then…PRESENTS!!!  Kimm liked everything she got — a pair of sneakers (really cool blue and pink), two books (The Storyteller and Orphan Train) and a DVD (The Intern) — all things that had been on her list.  But then I also got her a really cute bird coffee mug that she really loved!  It is so nice to be able to surprise someone with something 🙂

Lunch was simple — saltines and Ginger Ale for her, cheese sandwich, bugles and a Reese’s miniature for me.

Napping and reading afterwards.

Then another trip to Stop and Shop to try and get some better cold medicine for her.  HOPEFULLY some of the stuff I got will help.

Dinner was simple but good — veggie burger and tator tots.  Followed by a slice of Carvel ice cream cake…gotta love them chocolate pieces in the middle!

And now relaxing before watching a Blacklist.  Then work for me…two on.

I can’t wait until we can celebrate her birthday when she is actually feeling better and can BREATHE!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 32)…

~~asteya (non-stealing) puts our faith into action

~~are we willing to give up all for the pearl that is our spiritual growth??

~~each theft we are saying, “my God is not”

~~we must say in each moment, with each thought, word and deed, “my God is”

Things making me happy today: my sweetie’s birthday — watching her open her gifts and blow out her candles, beautiful blue sky with white puffy clouds, cuddling under a blanket


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