One good choice at a time.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

I had a not so bad night at work…always a good thing.  The only thing was that my feet were so sore at the end of the shift…especially my left ankle/foot.  I REALLY need to switch out to a new pair of sneakers…TONIGHT definitely!

I made a good decision right when I got home and took Izzy on a walk (even though I didn’t feel like it)…BUT…I knew that she would love it and it would be good for me.  One good choice in the moment.  We came home full of fresh air and there was a beautiful wispy snowfall happening that was so beautiful to be a part of.

Then…BED!!  And I must have slept well because I either turned off my alarm without knowing it, or slept through it, or just not set it (even though I swear I did!).  Regardless, I was up at 5 pm, not 4 pm like I had planned.  The extra hour felt wonderful.

Homemade pizza for dinner.  Yumm.

Some reading.  Then dishes.

Then up to the office where I did a short arm workout with the weights.  Again, one good action in the moment (even though I didn’t feel like doing it).  But it will be good for me in the long run!

Then a shower and now just popping in on the computer for a short bit before our show.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 33)…

~~nonstealing is all about believing that the universe will take care of our needs, and acting accordingly

~~we’ve all believed that you can’t always get what you want when you need it and that by “stealing” we are wise to the ways of the world

~~we need to abandon our poverty consciousness that drives us to steal

~~we don’t have to believe that if you win, I lose

~~all that is required is to stop our misguided beliefs

Things making me happy today: warm coffee driving home from work, wispy snowfall on walk with Izzy, sleeping soundly, buying a good song (“Play That  Song”)!!


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